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Training Soccer Balls

Today I will help you with choosing top training soccer balls. You will find which are the 5 best training soccer balls, why are they good and how did I choose it? There is also a paragraph where I have picked my best training ball and in the end my opinion and recommendation. Check below to find out more details!

Soccer is a great sport, at first it may look easy to play, but then when you try it you realize that it isn’t. This is one of the main reasons why we have to train a lot to improve our skills and the first things we have to focus on are the best training soccer balls. We, of course, need high-quality equipment if we want to improve our skills and achieve our goals.

Training Soccer Ball Reviews

Alright, I know you probably want to know right away which are the best training soccer balls to improve your skills and become better at soccer. That’s why I’ve made the list which you can check out below.

Nike Strike Premier League

Nike Premier League Strike

In my opinion, the best one is Nike Strike Premier League 12. I have already played with it and I think it is great for practicing. It also has great recommendations from others. 

Brine Phantom Royal

Brine Phantom Royal

Here is the Brine Phantom soccer ball which its great for practising because of its resistant PU cover, B.E.A.R. bladder system which holds air 10x longer than normal latex. It also has a great rebound and you’ll also experience soft foot feel. It’s a hand-stitched ball which comes with an amazing 3-year warranty.

Mikasa FT5 Goal Master

Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Black

Mikasa is a popular and recognizable sports brand and so it’s the famous Mikasa FT5 Goalmaster soccer ball. Constructed with patented Mikasa Hyde cover and nylon wound bring a great feel to the ball. Unique bladder design makes it durable and is able to retain air pressure more efficiently. This is the official footvolley game ball and it also has the FIFA quality stamp. Definitely a ball to consider.

Under Armour Desafio 395

Under Armour DESAFIO 395

Under Armour comes with a unique camo ball that has the UA TOUCHSKIN technology which delivers soft-touch and excellent feel. PU cover provides power transfer and SBR foam layer adds softness. Made from 100% polyurethane. A popular and good looking soccer ball.

Nike Catalyst NHFS

Nike Catalyst NFHS

Let me present you this quality training soccer ball made by Nike called Nike Catalyst team soccer ball. It’s a machine-stitched ball which comes with a premium PU casing that will provide exceptional feel and touch. Durable and popular ball among soccer players excellent for training purposes.

What Makes These Soccer Balls Stand Out?

shoot inside the box

These soccer balls are great because they have been purchased by a lot of people and have good recommendations. Plus that I’ve made this article by searching what balls different teams use, what it their opinion and in the end I added my personal experience with every ball that I have already used and tested. I have put all this together and there came out the top 5 training soccer balls list which you can find right below! Want to find more and different types of footballs? Read more here!

What should you consider

stretching before training

Practicing soccer is the main thing if we want to improve our skills and our performance on the pitch and because of that, we need a good soccer ball along with other equipment. It is true that it has to be of high quality, but in my opinion, it hasn’t to be also expensive. You can find really good and durable soccer balls at a reasonable price. What I looked at when I was choosing the balls were good reviews and ratings. As always this are the main things we have to look at when we want to choose the best soccer balls to buy. Besides this, is it great if we have some experience and we can quickly analyze them, right? By taking all these things into account I made a list of 5 best soccer balls for practice, which you can find in the list!

My Experience With Practicing

village soccer field

Well, practicing is very important as I have already mentioned this at the beginning. To be honest, I have a lot of experience, I’m playing soccer since 2004 and I have gone through much different soccer equipment, including balls, so I think I know which are the best soccer balls for practicing. Find more about me here. The main things when choosing a ball are the following! The ball hasn’t to be hard and heavy and it has to have a nice soft touch when you touch and stop the ball. Of course, it has to be durable, so it lasts for a longer time and you don’t have to buy it multiple times in a short period of time.

Different Than Classic, With A Cord

mitre ball on grass

Did you ever hear of soccer balls with a cord? Well, if you haven’t I have to say that they exist. Not just that these kinds of balls exist, but they can be awesome training balls to improve your skills. The main benefits of using them are that you don’t need a teammate or friend, so he can pass you the ball and that you can have much more touches to improve and master your ball control. If you are interested in these balls, please take a look at a more in-depth article I wrote about soccer balls on a string where you’ll find much more information.


I hope the list above of the best training soccer balls is helpful. To be better at this beautiful game you need to practice a lot and do not give up, so if you want to improve your skills practice, practice and practice. In most cases, the results don’t come quick, but be persistent and work hard. Do you like this article? Please share it on social circles!