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Soccer Socks

Over a decade ago, picking the best soccer socks was such a breeze. Soccer socks then were simple and were just meant to protect the player’s feet from blisters. Today, soccer socks are available in a wide array of materials, technology, and construction.

A good pair of soccer socks allows the player to move smoothly around the field and prevent the occurrence of blisters. The best soccer socks will keep your shins and feet safe from any form of injury. In picking soccer socks, the focus should be placed on comfort and the right fit.

Soccer Socks Reviews

Almost all soccer players will tell you that the best soccer socks are one of the hardest soccer equipment to choose from. The choice of soccer socks will determine how well the player will be able to chase and handle the ball and ultimately score a goal. The material, design, and fit of the soccer socks will make all the difference. Below are some of the soccer socks reviews available to help you make a perfect choice.


Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Cotton

Nike Dry Fit Training

The Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Cotton Cushioned Socks is manufactured from a cotton-blend fabric (45% cotton/ 49% polyester/2% spandex/4% nylon). The material is sweat-wicking to keep your feet comfortably dry at all times. It features mesh panels, arch compression, and a secure fit. It’s right/left specific design offers a comfortable fit.

Product Features:

  • Made from comfortable cotton blend fabric
  • Dri-fit fabric (sweat-wicking) keeps feet always dry
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Arch compression for maximum protection
  • Strengthened heel and toe areas for durability
  • The foot comes with cushion terry foot for extra protection against impact.
  • Left and right specific for a perfect fit.
  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable the whole time.

Feedback from Users

Most users testified that their feet never sweated anymore with these socks. Users liked the idea of the socks having “L” and “R” mark to make sure the right sock goes to the right foot. A lot of users said that, although these Nike socks are somewhat pricey, they are surely worth the price.


  • Soft-touch
  • Durable construction
  • Has a secure fit making it extremely comfortable
  • Sweat-wicking material drives sweat/moisture, so feet remain comfortable and dry at all times
  • Keeps feet cool
  • Machine washable


  • The socks tend to be slippery, so cleats need to be tightly fastened.
  • Fewer cushions make these socks uncomfortable for those with narrow feet.
  • Does not come with blister protection


This is one of the most comfortable socks available in the market. It is highly durable that comes with a secure fit and prevents the feet from sweating at all times.

Adidas Metro IV

adidas Metro IV OTC

The Adidas Metro IV Soccer is a lightweight pair of socks that is durable and provides a perfect fit. It features a classic flat knit leg design with compression in the ankles and arch for maximum support and comfort.

Product Features:

  • Made of spandex and nylon fabric
  • Designed with moisture-wicking fabric that will keep your feet always dry and cool
  • Flat knit design for a comfortable feel and snug fit
  • Footbeds are well-cushioned for durability and comfort
  • It has ankle and arch compression for optimum support and comfort.

Feedback from Users

A lot of users said that it is a great pair of socks for the price while some of them also noticed that these socks are slippery in the cleats.


  • Durable enough to withstand constant use
  • Keeps the shin guards firm and stable
  • Provides one of the best support for your feet
  • Available in a variety of designs: solid colors and stripes
  • Features a size indication in the footbed for easy reference


  • Does not protect the feet from a blister
  • Soles are thin
  • Footbed does not have enough cushions causing it to get thin and worn out quickly.
  • The spandex/nylon fabric tends to make the socks slippery making the feet slide and slip in the cleats.


These soccer socks are perfect for beginners and advanced soccer players. It is one of the best soccer socks for its price point.

TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo

TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo

The TCK Elite Digital Camo Socks features an ergonomic cushion and comes with blister control features. It is made of polypropylene/nylon/elastic/spandex material to make sure your feet remain dry and free of foul odour even when you sweat.

Product Features:

  • Made from high quality Polypropylene (64%), Nylon (27%), Elastic (7%), Spandex (2%)
  • Material is moisture-wicking keeping your feet dry at all times
  • Features a breathable mesh type design
  • Fabric is antimicrobial and controls odour
  • Includes blister control technology
  • Ergonomic cushioning for optimum comfort
  • Comes with arch compression

Feedback from Users

Majority of the users said that these socks have a perfect fit while others claimed that these are the next best thing to compression socks because of its snuggly fit. A lot of users also revealed that these socks provide excellent support to the legs and are comfortable to use. According to them, these socks have adequate arch support and cushioning. Some users say that the camouflage design looks cool, but it causes the socks to have some additional bulging threads inside which makes the socks tighter.


  • Made of soft and sturdy fabric
  • Breathable and extremely comfortable
  • Sizes available for youth, men and women soccer players
  • Antimicrobial to prevent allergies and bad odours
  • Ankles are well padded for additional protection


  • This brand provides inaccurate sizes as per most users.


These cool and attractive looking soccer socks provide a soft feel and are extremely comfortable.

Adidas Rivalry OTC (2-Pack)

adidas Rivalry Field OTC

The Adidas Rivalry Soccer OTC Sock always keeps your feet dry and cool, thanks to the uniquely engineered Adidas Climalite moisture-wicking fabric. The socks’ ankle compression design adds to its stability. This soccer socks also feature a cushioned footbed to absorb impact.

Product Features:

  • Made from the Adidas Climalite moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet always dry and cool
  • Footbeds are well-cushioned for protection against impact.
  • Ankle and arch compression provides additional stability
  • Made from Polyester (93%), Spandex (4%), and Nylon (3%) for comfort and durability
  • Available in sizes for men, women, and youth
  • Available in basic solid colors

Feedback from Users

Most users said that these are the best soccer socks considering the price. They stated that they have spent more on a pair of soccer socks which are more inferior to the Adidas Rivalry Soccer OTC Sock. These socks have a great fit and stay up during a game and continue to do so even after many washes. A user also said he is prone to easily wearing out of the heel and sole of his soccer socks, but his Adidas Rivalry has been holding up so well for a long time. Some users also commented that these socks tend to be tight at first, but after a few washes, they become a perfect fit.


  • Lightweight and a perfect fit
  • Tight enough not to roll down
  • Comfortable cushioning


  • While the size is an important thing to look for, the sizes of this type of socks are confusing.


With this soccer socks, Adidas has proven that they indeed have the best soccer socks available in the market today. This Adidas Rivalry Soccer over the calf socks has everything from comfort to durability.

Nike Elite Vapor Cushioned

Nike Men Elite Vapor Cushioned

This Nike Men’s Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks comes with the Dri-FIT technology to keep your feet dry at all times regardless of the level of training or game. This pair of socks are breathable and has enough cushioning for protection against impact and optimum comfort.

Product Features:

  • Made from Dri-FIT fabric to ensure your feet are comfortable and dry
  • Pads in the Achilles heel and ankle provide additional protection
  • Provides a perfect fit with Right/Left specifics
  • Strategically positioned cushioning minimizes pressure on the cleats to give comfort in important spots
  • Includes top and back foot mesh panels for optimum breathability
  • Support of compression arch ensures a snug and secure fit
  • A snug fit is contoured to protect the ankle, arch, heel, and forefoot.

Feedback from Users

Most users said that this is one of the socks they have ever purchased while others said the socks provided great protection to the ankle while giving the arches additional support. A lot of users testified that these soccer socks are comfortable, soft and stays firm and not loose on the feet. On the other hand, some users claimed that while these socks have a nice construction, it is too tight on the calf area affecting blood circulation.


  • Keeps feet fresh and dry
  • Keeps sweat away, so feet are dry even when it is scorching on the field


  • A bit too pricey
  • The calf area is a bit too tight which affects the circulation of blood.


Albeit, high in price, this soccer socks are comfortable, durable and gives one of the best protection to a player’s feet.

Choosing Comfortable Soccer Socks

stretching before training

Soccer socks have the same function as regular socks except that they have added features to ensure a player’s excellent performance on the field. A good pair of soccer socks can protect you from various nuisances. These include sweat, blisters and scratches, swelling, and dirt that may enter the cleats.

These items also keep your feet warm or cool during cold or hot weather. It helps prevent bacteria and fungi that may be present in the cleats from penetrating in the soles of the feet.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional soccer player, it is important that you choose the best socks for soccer cleats that are comfortable so that you will always be in top shape. The comfort provided by soccer socks depends on their materials, design, and technology.


kid doing tricks

The material the soccer socks are made of is as important as its featured technology. The material can affect the socks’ comfort, durability, fading, and fit. Additionally, a good soccer socks material is one that is comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

Cotton is the most comfortable material for soccer socks. It is, however, not too breathable and can be hot to wear during summer.

Spandex, polyester and nylon synthetic materials are excellent in absorbing moisture. They almost always provide a perfect fit. Most of the socks are a blend of two or more of these materials.


open space to move forward

Soccer socks come in different heights. Here are the most common heights

a) Crew Cut

A pair of crew cut soccer socks goes up to a little bit above the shin guard. This style gives the soccer player more freedom of movement. This type of socks is not too good at preventing scraping.

b) Knee-High

Most of the best soccer socks have knee-high lengths. They provide both excellent comfort and protection. This type of soccer socks provides superb protection against scraping especially when players trip or slide.


line on the field

Continuous development of technology is being done to ensure that soccer players can give top performance whether in training or during a game. Designers of the socks focus both on comfort and function.

a) Breathable

This technology is always on top of the list of the best soccer socks. Football players always look for the breathability every time they choose their socks. Breathable soccer socks keep the feet as dry as it can get. It also prevents the feet from having a foul odour.

b) Seamless

The seams can be annoying and uncomfortable especially on the toes. They tend to bundle up on the toes causing some rubbing which will make you lose focus on the game.

c) Compressed

A compressed pair of soccer socks provide the player with stability. It allows the player freedom of movement because it does not give any discomfort when in action.

d) Cushioning

The footbed of the socks is responsible for most of the comfort the socks provide. It absorbs the shock that the feet get with every movement. Soccer players do a lot of intense movements, thus, it is essential for the socks’ footbed to be well-cushioned for comfort and protection.

e) Fast-Drying

The feet of soccer players sweat a lot. Most of the socks that are made of synthetic materials dry fast. A quick-drying sock eliminates moisture for maximum comfort.

Choosing the Right Fit

kid shooting

Choosing the right fit provides both comfort and protection. Wearing socks of the wrong size can cause the sock to slip providing discomfort. Soccer socks in the best materials and technology will still cause pain and injury when they are not of the right size.

Socks have pockets, grips and other features that are strategically designed to provide comfort and protection. If the socks are of the wrong size, you will not be able to take full advantage of these features.

Manufacturers always include a Feet Size Chart for their soccer socks based on shoe size. The most common practice of measuring soccer socks’ size, though, is to wrap the socks around a fit that is tightly closed. It will provide the length of the ankle and the size of the sock.


Soccer socks are an essential part of a soccer player’s gear. The comfort it provides will enable the player to make all the necessary movements without fear of injury. The best soccer socks are comfortable, durable and provide the best protection to the feet.