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Soccer Shin Guards

As one of the most popular sports, soccer is played by various groups of people in many countries. Some people play this game as a pastime, while others play soccer professionally. Whether you play it for a living or as a hobby, your shins are prone to injury when you play soccer often. Fortunately, there are soccer shin guards that serve as protection for your legs. They help reduce the risk of bone-breaking injuries and discomfort due to the padding in front of your shins. The ankle is the next thing that is very exposed while playing soccer, so looking at some quality ankle braces isn’t a bad idea to prevent ankle injuries!

There are many shin guard brands available on the market. If you are new to soccer, it can be quite confusing to choose the best soccer shin guard. In this review, we will give you a list of the best quality soccer shin guards.

Soccer Shin Guard Reviews

Here we have made reviews of the 10 best soccer shin guards. Take a look below and find out which you like the most.

Nike J Guard

Nike J Guard

Let’s kick off this shin guards review with the Nike J Guard. The “J” in the brand name represents Japan, which is where this product was made.

These shinpads are perfect for players who do not want to wear shinpads. Due to the EVA foam and its anatomical shape, the wearer feels comfortable as he plays the game while wearing this. The Nike J Guard is a slip-in shinpad protection with no sleeves.

The Nike J Guard is a slip-in shin guard protection with no sleeves.

Franklin Sports Superlight

Warrior Professional

This model is one of the affordable soccer shin guard products on the market. Despite the price, you can be sure of its quality.

The Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guard has all the necessary features that you need to properly protect your shin.

This pair is made of polypropylene and high-quality foam for added protection and comfort. Additionally, these shinpads will help increase energy absorption.

The Superlight Shin Guards have three dimensions. That way, you can get a pair that is right for you. Moreover, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approves this product, which means that it will help reduce risks throughout the game.

Adidas Performance Ghost

Adidas Performance Ghost Pro

Adidas is known for its stylish yet comfortable shoes. However, the world’s famous footwear brand also sells well-made shinpads. One of their best soccer shinpad products is the Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guard.

The Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guard is made of pure polypropylene. This material ensures that your shins are protected from all kinds of bone-breaking injuries. Meanwhile, the lining of this leg gear is soft enough to provide comfort to the wearer. It also has a high-protective slip in front of the plate and EVA foam on the back for added comfort and fit.

The Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guard has five sizes and is available in three colors. These options allow you to choose a pair of shinpads that suit you.

G-Form Pro-S

G-Form Pro

The G-Form Pro-S is the first soft sleeve and flexible soccer shin guard in the world. This gear uses advanced leg protection for soccer athletes. It is one of the products thanks to its XRD® Technology. This feature allows you to adjust the leg shape quickly. Additionally, it keeps the shinpads in place while playing.

Judging by its appearance, you may think that this gear is heavy, but it is actually very light. Furthermore, these shinpads are breathable to wear; thus, reducing sweat and overheating.

The machine can wash the G-Form Pro-S, but you should not place it in the dryer when drying this gear. This shin guard has foam inside each pair, which can be damaged by overheating. Moreover, this pair of leg gear protection is approved by the NOCSAE and has a Conformité Européene (CE) marking.

Adidas Ghost Pro

Adidas Ghost Pro

It is another shin guard from Adidas that you can buy at an affordable price. It is one of the products because of its quality and structure. This gear has three different shields that are flexible and well-fitting. It also has a front plate for each guard and backed with EVA foam for comfort and durability.

The Ghost Pro Shin Guard is suitable for both advanced and novice players, and it is comfortable to wear. Like the Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Shin Guard, the Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard is also approved by the NOCSAE.

Vizari Blossom

Vizari Blossom

This is one of the best soccer shinpads products for children.

However, adults can also use it.

The Vizari Blossom Shin Guard has a Velcro strap that allows you to adjust the size of the shinpad.

Furthermore, this leg protector is lightweight, making it a favorite shinpad choice for children.

The Blossom Shin Guard by Vizari has different sizes, and you can pair it with Blossom soccer cleats and balls for a more enjoyable match.

Franklin Sports ACD Sockfeets

Franklin Sports ACD Socfeets

This is one of the best shinpads for youth. It has air cooling technology, which makes it comfortable to wear. Hence, you do not feel hot or sweaty every time you wear the Franklin ACD Shin Guard with your socks. Additionally, this shinpad can be washed by the machine and can be air dried. You just need to hang them and let them dry by themselves.

Another great feature of Franklin ACD Shin Guard is the see-through shell. This feature keeps your socks cool regardless of the weather. Hence, you do not have to deal with smelly and sweaty feet after wearing shin protection.


DashSport Boys and Girls

These shin guards are ideal for both boys and girls who want to play soccer. Each leg gear has an ankle sleeve to provide additional protection. Furthermore, the fabric used in the Soccer Shin Guards by DashSport is durable and high quality, making this gear comfortable and flexible.

Additionally, the Soccer Shinpads by DashSport has three sizes with several colors to choose from. That way, you can pick a pair of shinpads that fit your style and of course, your size.

Vizari Malaga

Vizari Malaga

Not only is it the by Vizari, but the Malaga shinpad is also the best leg gear protection in this list. This product offers different sizes, which can suit anyone from small kids to adults. With this gear, you do not have to risk the safety of your children, and even your wellbeing.

The Malaga shinpad by Vizari is a perfect choice if you are looking for gear that offers the best protection. Although it gives heavy-duty protection, this pair is comfortable to wear. Therefore, it will not compromise your performance.

Additionally, each Vizari Malaga Shin Guard has a thick and soft cushion and foam for additional protection. It also has a hard shell, which allows you to kick the ball without hurting yourself.


teens in a match

There are many shinpads on the market. Because of this, it can be confusing to choose the perfect pair of shin guards. However, finding the right shin gear protection can be less overwhelming. You just need to consider the following factors:

Your shinpads will not give you the best protection if the materials used to make this gear are subpar. Shinpads can be made of any of the following materials:

  • Polyurethane – This material is relatively thick and durable. However, it provides full protection from impact.
  • Rubber or Foam – This material provides comfort to the wearer. However, it is not as durable as polyurethane.
  • Plastic – It also prevents impact, but it does not give full protection for your shin.
  • Fiberglass – This is a popular choice for many soccer players because of its weight and durability.
  • Metal – It is the least favorite shinpad material. While metal shinpads are uncomfortable to wear, they do provide the highest level of protection in your shin.



In addition to materials used by the gear, you also need to consider the type of shin guard that you want to choose. There are three types of shin guards, and these are the ankle guards, slip-ins, and slip-ins with sleeves.

  • Ankle Guards

As the name suggests, this type provides protection not only for your shins but also for your ankles. It uses a strap-like or stirrup system to help secure shin guards. However, these shin guards may be uncomfortable to wear, so try them on before buying these shin guards.

  • Slip-Ins

These shin guards do what their name suggests. However, they are a bit uncomfortable to wear as they also move as you play. Thus, some players use tapes to hold slip-in shin guards in place.

  • Slip-Ins with Sleeves

Some slip-ins have sleeves to make sure that the guards do not move whenever you play. These sleeves are placed under your socks to provide optimum protection from injuries.

When playing soccer, it is crucial that your shinpads do not move. Otherwise, it may compromise your health and safety.

Size and Weight

empty stadium field

This is a subjective matter, but it is important nonetheless. It is important to get the right size for your shinpads to ensure maximum comfort and safety. However, some players prefer wearing small shin gears so they can run faster. Others want to wear a large pair of shinpadss for extra protection.

As for its weight, many athletes do not care much about this because of the number of choices that they have. However, if you want a lightweight pair of shin guards, the best option is the slip-ins.

Your Team Position

soccer field from above

This can be a major factor when choosing the perfect ones for you. There are shinpads specifically made for a particular position. For instance, when looking for the top shinpads for defenders, you need to consider how much protection that the safety gear provides.

If you are a midfielder, you need to get a pair of shin guards that offer enough protection and allow you to move quickly. The same thing goes for the strikers. They do not need full protection because they do not kick that much.

For the goalkeepers, some people suggest that this position does not require too much protection. However, the goalies also need shin guards that provide complete protection because they jump over the ball at the moment of notice

International Approval

kick the ball

There are two things you need to look for when buying the top product, and these are the National Operating Committee for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approval and the Conformité Européene (CE) marking.

The NOCSAE sets standards for the equipment in America. This organization wants to ensure that all merchandise and sports equipment are safe to use. The CE marking, on the other hand, is an indication that the product went through several tests before the manufacturer sold it to the public.

When looking for the best shin guards, you need to look for these marks. Most leagues require NOCSAE and CE markings. Referees will always check if your protective gear if it is NOCSAE or CE certified. If you do not meet the league’s requirements, you will not be able to play the game.


Soccer shin guards are necessary as they provide safety for players. Hence, they should not be ignored. The best soccer shin guards must provide the best protection and support for any safety and playing style. They should not hinder your performance nor should it be too light that it will not give you the protection that you need.

The price of shin guards is not costly, even if you get the most expensive brands, so you should not feel sorry for investing your money in this protective gear. After all, it is better to remain healthy and safe than stay in the hospital because you bought a low-quality pair of shin guards.