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It is not possible to find someone who does not know about soccer. It is a worldwide played and watched a sport that connects the hearts of millions of people. You will be one of the most famous celebrities in the world if you succeed as a soccer player. This may sound quite simple to play soccer, but it is not that easy. It requires great skills to move the ball and beat the opponent to hit a goal. The SenseBall Training Soccer Ball can be a great partner to learn how to manage the ball and improve the performance as a soccer player.

SenseBall v2

Brand: SenseBall
Name: SenseBall Training Soccer Ball
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

ou might be wondering why the Senseball training soccer ball, so check the review to reveal its features, benefits, and drawbacks. Wondering where to buy it? You can check on their website or here.

Things that make it useful


It is not a normal soccer ball. It is a training ball with a string attached to it. This ball was developed by CogiTraining and built mainly for learning purposes. It is a perfect soccer learning tool for teenagers, who want to improve their soccer performance. This ball helps you in improving the individual touches and soccer skills. Though it is not for the pro-level footballers, it is a great way of learning soccer for the beginners. There are some flaws in the design and it is not as improved as other soccer training balls, but still helps you in getting the job done.

The users have claimed that this training soccer offers more touches than other training balls. In fact, you can make an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season. So, if you are willing to provide your kid with an affordable and helpful soccer learning product, you should invest in the Senseball training soccer ball.

What do you get with the package?


Specifications that make SenseBall amazing for beginners

ball attached to string in grass

When it comes to improving the individual performance, the Senseball training soccer ball is a great solution. You can use this ball to perk up juggling, ball handling, and bilateral movements. Its string is exactly 46’’ long. So you can quickly adjust the length of the string to any players’ height. It is an ideal product for your kid if he likes to practice soccer at different locations. The ball is small and therefore there would be no issue in transporting it to different locations. The small age players can also practice in the home because managing the ball would be a pretty handy task.

The professional footballers from many renowned soccer clubs recommend Senseball. They consider it a great companion for the beginners, who want to learn how to kick, pass, and balance the ball. The pros are also recommending it, but this training soccer ball is available only in one size. It is designed to provide quick and precision training. You can practice the game with both feet. The kids will find it amazing because they will not need another player to practice the game. Its small plastic string may cause a bit of irritation while practicing the game, but the beginner will find a way of managing it. All they need is to focus on how to practice all the touchpoints and how to overcome the mistakes they make while playing the real soccer game.

Notable features


These are the noticeable features:

  • You get 50 helpful exercise videos free to practice soccer with this training soccer ball. In addition, there will be a mobile app and a comprehensive didactical program to teach you how to improve the game by using this ball. You can make two video conferences online to reduce the confusion about the training.
  • CogiTraining has developed this training soccer ball. It offers a revolutionary soccer training method that is applied by the leading soccer clubs. Even the soccer federations provide such soccer training methods around the globe to train the new soccer players and perk up their game.
  • Renowned clubs like AC Milan, Belgium FA, RSC Anderlecht, FC Metz, and AS Monaco are relying upon this soccer training ball for individual training.
  • This training soccer ball can turn the beginners into a two-footed soccer player, who can perform much better during the match.
  • This training soccer ball is essential to gain important soccer skills that can be applied while playing the real game.
  • It makes your ball control much better while practicing repeatedly.
  • Perfect accuracy and all the touchpoints will be practiced while training the game.
  • Designed to help you in learning how to pass more accurately.
  • A reliable training tool for practicing soccer in highly crowded areas.

I’ve taken a screenshot, so above is a sneak peek at my account and their online learning platform.

Major drawbacks

SenseBall-v2 on grass

The major concern is regarding the size of this training soccer ball. One normal soccer ball would be equal to three Senseball Training Soccer Balls. So, you can imagine how small it is. However it’s harder to control a small ball than a bigger one, so I think the main reason why it is small is to improve your ball control quicker. If you know how to control a small ball it will be for sure easier with a bigger one. Though it is small, its price is not pretty affordable. It seems affordable only when you compare it with other similar training soccer balls.


The SenseBall Training Soccer Ball is a great investment when you have no issue with the size of the ball. There are many great features of this ball that can perk up your performance. Even the pros agree that this ball will help you with the best practice while you are alone. You do not need another player to learn different soccer tactics because this ball will help you in learning everything you need to learn.

A few noticeable drawbacks may make you change your mind if you want a large size soccer ball. So, consider all the aspects and then make a decision regarding the purchase.