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Renegade Soccer Training Review

In this Renegade Soccer Training review, you will find out why it is one of the best training systems for soccer players. But first, to answer the question of why would you need a system? Soccer skills are first and foremost just that, skills. Most of the skills are consisting of the ability to perform certain simple actions and movements successfully. To acquire those skills, you need to learn those movements, and over a certain amount of time, you make progress. And for that, you need a properly laid out plan, just like when building a house of constructing a machine. Based on his more than 20 years of coaching experience JR Haworth has created the Renegade Soccer Training or RST.


Author: JR Haworth
Name: Renegade Soccer Training
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

In the US during team sessions, according to JR Haworth, a player may touch the ball 300-400 times. While in Europe and South America, that number can reach 10,000. This gap RST aims to close through individual training with the ball.

Renegade Soccer Training features

stretching before training

 Many soccer coaches stress the importance of individual training, especially for the younger players on the road to becoming professional or just wanting to improve their skills. The difference between a good soccer coach and an excellent soccer coach lies in the ability to teach.

An excellent one will not only teach the intricacies of the game, but also the fundamental skills needed for developing players. And many Renegade Training Soccer reviews agree that JR Haworth is an excellent coach. RST offers several training plans for players of various skill levels. Thus providing a clear path to improving player’s skills.

The concept

soccer field from above

Renegade Soccer Training is a package of seven different training plans. Five intended for beginners and two advanced. They have more or less the same structure. They consist of 35+ drills of progressively higher complexity and level of challenge designed to keep training always fresh and interesting. Starting with the basic drills and slowly moving to more and more complex ones.

All plans are accompanied by 10 or 20 Renegade Soccer Training videos, with detailed and easy to follow instructions. Along with the videos, there is a very simple to use calendar, for tracking the progress through the schedule. And also a unique testing program for monitoring the progress of one’s skill level and improvement. Though the plans are covering the training period of 30 or 60 days, they can be followed at a different pace.

To follow the program, a player needs as little as 20 or so minutes per day. This may sound like not much, but this is a program for training smart. And all the work is condensed in a smaller time frame to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the work.

Evolution Of Touch

open space to move forward

Without the ball control and good body coordination, there is no soccer player. These are the most critical skills for any soccer player. Based on years of coaching collegiate and semi-pro players, JR Haworth has developed this plan for progressively improving them. It consists of more than 35 drills intended to be practiced over a 30 days period. Starting from the basics and progressing up. Through days, exercises do get more and more challenging. But such progressive intensity serves to make gaining muscle memory quicker. And I can tell you that they are anything but dull.
This program will help you improve the ball control, and thus how to control the game. Among your peers, you will be the wizard of the pitch.

Next Level Dribbling

boys in match

Whether you are a player starting an attack from the back or facing a defender in the final third, you need the ability to take your opponent on. Doing so requires rhythm and precision. And this plan promises to teach a player precisely that. Thus giving you the aggressiveness and confidence to not be a player who is a possession sinkhole, but a part of a successful buildup. With more confident ball control comes the ability to play with the head up. Which is one of the skills that set apart an average and top player. Being able to look around yourself and see your team-mates.

Getting through on the goal with ease is the end goal of this training plan. Aggressively and determinedly getting face to face with the goalkeeper, where your chances for scoring are the greatest.

Wall Work Warrior

line on the field

One of the most beautiful sights on the soccer pitch is when a player is receiving a pass and with a silky smooth first touch traps the ball while at the same time frees themself from an opposition player. This plan is intended to teach you that kind of fines of the first touch. And it incorporates the wall to help you become a better soccer player.

How will you benefit from improving the first touch? First, the attacking phase in soccer is made of chaining passes. And this training plan teaches how to receive the ball while getting in the best position to pass it to the next player. But also how to manipulate the speed of play, how to put the foot on the ball, or quickly move the ball forward. Thus will significantly improve your decision making by giving you tools to make decisions on the pitch, which impacts the outcome of the game.

Juggling Mastery

kid doing tricks

While juggling is usually imagined as pulling off some freestyle tricks, it’s actually a crucial skill to master. During the play, the ball often gets in the air. And being able to control it makes the difference between losing the ball and keeping possession. Often a player is not in a situation to control the ball with the foot.

This plan is made of drills that teach how to properly position the body to receive the high balls in a controlled fashion and with intention. Juggling is 10, 20, 100 times in a row, making successful and deliberate touches of the ball in the air. And this plan teaches how each and every one of those touches to be both successful and deliberate.

Back Of The Net

girl shoot on goal

The main goal in soccer is to score, well, the goal. It is what counts, and what is written on the scoreboard. But knowing how to kick the ball is not the be-all and end-all of scoring. You need the skill to put the ball where you want it, confidence in that skill, and composure to put those two in practice.

Whether from the open play or a dead-ball situation, this plan is designed to teach how to put the ball in the net, from any side of the pitch, and with either foot or the head. Many players are called, with a high level of derision, a “one-legged player”. Being able to play with both feet, and even score with both feet is what every elite player trains to do.

Mastery Of Touch


When tracking a player, every defender is either taught or by instinct to look for a rhythm of the ball carrier, to wait for the moment to pounce and rob them of the possession. This training plan will teach you how to defeat that. How deliberately change your own rhythm and throw off the defender.

A player with the ball has the control of the play, a defender is just a passenger. Average players, when in possession, look to find the space for shooting or an open passing lane. This training program teaches how to create the space and the passing lanes. It shows you that creativity on the pitch is not some talent a person is born with, but a skill of manipulating the defender to make a mistake. And how to do it every time without thinking about it.

Next Level Dribbling II

before scoring a goal

Building on the basis of the Next Level Dribbling, this program takes the ability to take on a player on another level. Most of the players gain confidence in doing one or two moves to open up space. From time to time, such a move will work if a lot of different pieces fall in place. This program teaches how to be creative in one on one situations, and never to be “read”. The only “secret” move which works on the pitch 100% of the time is the one a defender is not expecting.

Who is JR Haworth?

JR Haworth

JR Haworth is first and foremost a soccer enthusiast and a guy who likes to share his expertise. After more than twenty years of coaching experience, he has designed one of the best training systems in the world. His main emphasis is on the most crucial soccer skill, ball control. The skill from which all other springs. RST is his brainchild intended to help players train smart and hard and quickly gain skills and improvement.

He’s very passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals. He regularly holds live video stream sessions on Facebook, where you can ask him anything about the training and drills. You can be sure that he will go in great detail when answering them. Not just explaining what and how, but also the reasons behind it. He’s a firm believer that details matter and will put an extra effort into explaining them.

Who should use it?

kid shooting

RTS is a training program with the progress at its core. It’s envisioned to at the start build the basic skills and build a sound foundation. And then progress up to proficiency. It can be used by U9 or older players. Whether an aspiring athlete or a semi-pro or even an amateur, this program is appropriate. Even if you are a youth coach, this program is an excellent way to expand your coaching knowledge and become a better coach.


  • Progressive training system
  • Excellent training videos
  • Can be used by both players and coaches
  • Appropriate for players of various levels


  • Videos are not available for download
  • No special program for coaches


cones to prepare training
  • Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately, currently, the Renegade Soccer Training videos cannot be downloaded. But you can watch the videos on any device which can connect to the internet, PC, tablet, or smartphone. But some of the programs are available for download as audio MP3 files available for download.

  • Can it be used for more than 30/60 days?

Once you purchase the program, it is yours for keeping. With lifetime access, once you complete the program, you can do it again. Or use it to create a customized routine for yourself.

  • What ages is it for?

The program is devised to be used by almost any player, even as young as the U9 teams. They start with drills and exercises for making a strong basis for the work which follows. The complexity and intensity of drills grow as you make progress from each day. Thus creating a certainty that your skills will grow too.

  • Is it a monthly membership?

No, it is a one-time payment. After which, you will get lifetime access to all related material and aids.

  • Does the schedule need to be followed strictly?

No. The programs are 30/60 days schedules, but depending on your personal schedules and obligations, you can insert gaps and breaks in it.

  • What should I do on the practice days?

You can implement it as a recovery workout in your practice schedule. Or you can work around it. Though it will make the training regime last longer than planned 30/60 days, you will still follow a training plan that works for you, and not against.

  • Are there any special offers?

From time to time from the official Facebook group and page, you can grab a Renegade Soccer Training coupon, which gives you discounts or other benefits.


 Training football means always working on fundamentals. Even when just starting or wanting to bring your game on another level, it is the fundamental skills and improving them that will bring you to your goal. This Renegade Soccer Training review was an attempt to present you with this very innovative training method. Whether you are just building your soccer skills or trying to nullify some weaknesses, it is an excellent roadmap for achieving your goals.