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Soccer Ball Pumps

Having problems with inflating your soccer ball? Bought a new ball, which is deflated and you need to inflate it? No more worries after you read this article. Today I’ll show you which are some of the best soccer ball pumps, what types are there available and what should be careful when buying and using them. Long story short, they will help you to inflate your ball quickly and easily.

Soccer Ball Pump Reviews

Alright, I know that you probably want to know right away which are the best items, so here I created the list of best for you.

Under Armour

Under Armour Dual Action

Nike Dual Action

Nike Dual Action

Franklin Sports Kit

Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

Fitness Factor

Fitness Factor Dual Action

Why should you have it?

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Well, the reason why they are used for is to inflate your ball, but you can do that also with other accessories. What is the beauty of this product? I think the best thing about it is that they are small, easy to store and easy to move around. If you imagine a big & heavy air compressor which also it isn’t so easy to set up you know what I have in mind.

Do you know that in soccer ball has to be a certain amount of air pressure? If there is not then they may happen some unwanted problems as the irregular shape of the ball and rapid deflation. Following previous instructions, we have one more thing why they are good. Some of the soccer ball pumps have also the pressure gauge, so you can see when is the right air pressure. To find more about other soccer accessories read this article.


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We can find them many which are made by different brands, but generally, we divide them into 4 groups which are:

  • Soccer ball pumps
  • Electric soccer ball pumps
  • Soccer ball pumps with pressure gauge
  • Electric soccer ball pump with pressure gauge

Wondering which one is best for you? This depends on you, what you like and what you will use it for. If you have to inflate a lot of balls I strongly recommend the last type with which it will be the easiest for you to inflate lots of balls. However, the easiest way is with an electric type, so I would personally pick that type.

What should you consider?

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What you should be careful when buying are the needles. You need them to inflate a ball, so be careful when buying. Some of them have needles included in the package, some of them not.

There is another thing that you should take into account when inflating the ball and this is that you hold the needle, so you keep it from moving, otherwise you may damage your ball or ball pump.

I also had a pump which had a needle already attached to it and because I wasn’t paying attention to the needle while inflating it broke after some time.


Here I have also found a quick & simple video which might help you at inflating your ball, so take a look below.


Owning a soccer ball pump is quite handy because you can quickly inflate your soccer ball if you bought a new one or if your old one lost air. Now is the time that you buy your favorite model so you are ready when you are in a situation when your ball is deflated.