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Puma Procat Soccer Ball Review

Puma is an extremely popular brand all over the world and has been producing quality sports merchandise and models over the years. Getting better and improving their craft is a testament to their brand promise and what this Puma Procat soccer ball review will detail.

Procat Ball

Brand: Puma
Name: Puma Procat
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

The Procat soccer balls by Puma are available in different colors – from red, yellow, pink, and many more – and are specifically designed for various activities. Whether you are training for a match or actually playing it, Puma soccer balls are the right game partner. The market is not short of competitive brands when it comes to soccer balls, but Puma is able to stand out from the rest with their innovative and quality. There are countless of soccer ball options, but every Puma Procat soccer ball review will tell you that this is among the best choices for your money.

Unboxing Puma Procat Soccer Ball

corner field

The Procat soccer ball comes with the typical triangular packaging box like most of their soccer balls. The ball is securely placed at the centre of the triangular package and is open for your inspection.

The details, specifications, and some notable features of the soccer ball as well as the Puma logo and Procat signature are printed on the box. The size of the ball can be seen from the side of the packaging as well as its specifications, such as the number of panels. It also includes the type of cover, foam material, bladder material, thread, and the weight of the ball.

Impressive Cover Material


When it comes to choosing a soccer ball, one of the primary factors that you must consider is the ball’s cover. It can be made from different materials which range from rubber, plastic to synthetic leather. Soccer balls that are covered with synthetic leather are not usually the best choice since they are more likely to develop puncture and tear when used on rough surfaces. On the other hand, plastic or rubber-covered balls are more durable and sturdy on uneven playing fields.

This Puma Procat soccer ball review will give you positive feedback on this model because it is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) at 15 millimetres thick. TPU is a class of material belonging to polyurethane plastic with properties ideal for a soccer ball. A TPU covered ball like the Puma Procat soccer ball has transparency, elasticity, and most especially, resistance to abrasion, grease, and oil. The TPU cover of the Procat ball also gives it a softer feel, making it ideal for higher end and premium match balls. This feature alone provides this Puma model flexibility and superior performance and responsiveness when kicked.

Ideal Material Used for Bladder

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The bladder of a soccer ball makes up the inside which is the chamber filled with air to keep the ball inflated. This type of ball is usually composed of a bladder that is either made of latex or butyl, which is a form of rubber. Every Puma Procat soccer ball review will tell you that a ball that is made with butyl bladder is much better compared to other materials and it is true.

Most premium soccer balls usually have a bladder made of natural latex which is why they have a softer feel compared to other models. However, that also comes with a disadvantage. Latex bladders can’t efficiently retain air and its shape is better compared to soccer balls with butyl bladders. It also makes them prone to being inflated more frequently. However, this is not a problem for the Procat soccer ball since it is made with a rubber bladder which is known to have fantastic air retention. Also, you don’t have to worry about this Puma model being not soft to kick. The cover material of the soccer ball more than made up for that.

Standard Ball Size

When you look at the specifications of the Puma Procat ball on the side of the packaging, the size of the ball is written at the topmost part. It is available in size five which is a standard for adult soccer balls. The size five ball is also what is used by professional soccer players all over the world, and this model is a good bet in terms of size.

What Others Are Saying About it

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There are a lot of excellent comments in the Puma Procat soccer ball review. A lot of people say that this particular Puma soccer ball packs some great features and functionalities. Like what has been mentioned above, the Puma Procat is made with high-end, ideal, and durable materials inside out. Moreover, it also features the correct panel number and design which indicated on the packaging’s label. The Puma Procat soccer ball has a total of 32 panels which means that it is an authentic soccer ball and can be used for both indoor and outdoor plays. This specification makes the model playable and controllable compared to those with lesser panels.

Another excellent thing about this review is that it describes this ball model as having parts sewn together using Terylene, a synthetic polyester fibre that is crease-resistant. At first glance, you can immediately see that the lacing of the ball is extremely tight which is a guarantee that it will break or fall apart when used. However, some picky customers say the Puma Procat soccer ball is awfully light for a soccer ball. From its specifications in the packaging, it says that this model is just about 300 grams which is rather a whole lot lighter compared to standard ball weight which ranges from 410 grams to 450 grams. But the Puma Procat soccer ball review will not tell you that this is entirely a bad thing. The lightness of the ball only means it’s softer to kick and won’t lose its momentum quickly.


While this review lists all of the great things about this particular model, it doesn’t change the fact that the Puma Procat is made for training purposes and not for professional matches. However, for what it is worth and purpose, it certainly packs countless fantastic features. The details of the model printed on the packaging even say that Puma Procat is specially designed to develop basic soccer skills. The lightness of the ball was done to minimize the risk of injuries. This Puma Procat soccer ball review can certainly help you understand why the Puma Procat is among the best choices for a nice training ball.