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Pop Up Soccer Goals

As every avid fan of pickup soccer games or a youth coach knows, pop up soccer goals are the best thing since sliced bread. They allow you to play or practice anywhere. While for a pickup game, you can use almost anything to make an impromptu goal, it just isn’t the same. Having legit goals just feels differently. Not to mention that it is perfect for getting yourself rid of frustration guessing whether some shot was a goal. If you are a youth coach, U11 or younger, or a PE teacher, you will find the portable pop up soccer goals a real godsend. You can set them up anywhere, and they require almost no space to store.

How popular soccer pop up goals best describes the fact that there is so many available. And I’ll try to help you to pick the best ones for yourself.

Pop up Soccer Goal Reviews

Not every pop up soccer goal set is made equal. There are good, not so good and excellent ones. Below you will find the list of some of the best pop up goals. Each one has a short review of their strengths and reasons why you might choose them.


FORZA Flash Pro Pair

FORZA is a well-known name in the world of training equipment. And because they have a reputation for quality, you can expect their products to be among the best pop up soccer goals available. These are domed shaped pop up soccer nets, which almost exclusive shape of this type of goal. They come in three sizes, 2.5, 4, and 6 feet wide. While some other makes and models come as singles, FORZA is a company that likes to make sure you are all set for soccer. So these come in pair, and in a sturdy bag for storing or carrying.

In my experience, they come with some of the longest ground stakes in the market. But because it needs to be secured in-ground, it is not suitable for hard surfaces. If you plan to use them during nights, it will be helpful that you know that Flash Pop-Up Soccer goals have a reflective strip all around the goalmouth. This pop up soccer goal set is not without potential flaws. Some users are reporting that fiberglass rods and plastic connectors break too easily.


  • High-quality weatherproof material
  • Suitable for coaching


  • Not the most durable


GreEco Set of 2

GreEco Pop Up Goals are a product very similar to FORZA Flash but are much more affordable. It features the same shape and is also made with fiberglass rods. It also comes in the same three sizes, 2.5, 4, and 6 feet. It uses the same system of securing it in place with plastic rods, which you can guess are the same length. And it also features the reflexive border for higher visibility during the night. It also comes with a carry/storage bag, in which when packed it takes minimal space. It is almost the same product. But, it is slightly less sturdy. My experience is that GreEco’s is more geared toward recreational use. The main complaint I have about it is the quality of bungee rope used for the stakes. It can break very easily.

This is a good product, but it is not of sufficient quality for professional use. If you need the pop up soccer nets just for an occasional game, this might be a good product for you. 


  • Good value
  • Good plastic rods for securing it on turf


  • Not suitable for everyday use


SueSport set of 2 with carry bag

These small pop up soccer goals are almost exactly the same as previous twos. And if you are looking for cheap pop up soccer goals, these or GreEco are good choices equally. And you might wonder why I have included it in this list. When some producer is trying to make an affordable product, they do it by not using the most expensive materials. While GreEco uses rods for construction which are not the sturdiest kind, SueSport has cut corners on the carry bag. This pop up soccer goal set is almost as sturdy as FORZA’s. But the bag is quite low quality. You might experience zip breaking, or seams coming undone. Fortunately, every goal has a velcro strap on one corner, which is used for stopping them from popping open when stored. And the bag is anyway something which is just lovely to have, not really a must. If you plan to use these popup goals on a beach, you should be aware that plastic pegs it comes with, are too short to secure it in the sand.


  • Durable build quality
  • Same features as more expensive competitors


  • Stakes are too short for securing in the sand

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO 2 Nets with bag

GOLME PRO Pop Up is a product on our list which follows the same basic design as the previous ones. Pegs for securing it in the ground, reflective border, carry bag, three sizes; the whole shebang. But, it features two significant differences. First are the plastic corner braces. While other products have a simple L shape braces, GOLME PRO has additional triangular bracing parts. This straightforward design addition dramatically improves the rigidity of corners. Secondly, GOLME has ditched the fiberglass frame construction and uses the aluminium rods. It is a very sturdy product, built to last you years of use. If you are looking for a long-lasting product GOLME PRO pop up soccer goal is something you should consider. How confident GOLME is of the sturdiness of their products speaks volumes the fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty, which is among the longest available.

I never had any issues with these popup goals. Except that rods are bit stiffer, and require more force to fold when packing. But, some users are complaining about the quality of netting.


  • Extremely durable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not most comfortable to fold due stiffness


PUGG 6 FooT Boxed Set

The last on our list is the one which started it all. The original PickUp Game Goal, the PUGG pop up soccer goal. Invented in 1994, it is still the very best pop up soccer goal there is. You can even say that all other popup goals are more or less successful copies of PUGG. By far, it is the sturdiest goal available. The frame is made of the spring steel rods, and that’s how you spell quality. And while other manufacturers use a two-piece design with corner connectors, PUGG pop up goal has a single-piece construction.

PUGG 6 is a 6-feet wide goal, but smaller PUGG oneVone and PUGG 4 are available. I have included the 6-feet version because it is my favorite and one I use the most with friends. While I said that GOLME has one of the longest warranties, PUGG has the longest one. For the full 2 years, you will be covered with it. While the quality of PUGG is top-notch, you will not be buying a pair of cheap pop up soccer goals. And that’s the only potential flaw.


  • It’s the best there is


  • Price

How to Choose the Best Pop Up Soccer Goal

line on the field

If you have little to no experience with pop up goals, choosing the best one for yourself can be a daunting task. Today it seems like there are too many unknown makers of goals with questionable quality. And I will try to explain to you some characteristics and conditions you should pay close attention to.

Frame quality

One of the key characteristics is the quality of the frame. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand repeated hitting by a ball, but also flexible enough to withstand repeated twisting when packing it. The most popular material is fiberglass. But it has a drawback of fairly easy snapping compared to other materials. The best material, in my opinion, is the aluminium alloy. Such goals will not break a bank but are more than enough sturdy. If you wish to splash money on the very best, it is the spring steel.


Net of the goal is part which is suffering all the impacts. And you want it to be able to withstand them without ripping. Unless you have the exact material specifications from the maker, you want the netting to look sturdy. And the general rule applies, the bigger the holes are, the thicker netting should be.

Sleeve stitching

With many products made of various clothes, people tend to overlook the quality of stitching. Though stitches hold things together. Rule of thumb is that when a fabric is put under stress, the failure point is the thinnest thread. If you wish to own pop up goals that will last you more than a few weeks, make sure that the stitch threads are equally or thicker than threads of the material sleeve is made of.


If you are buying a pop up soccer goals for coaching, you should be aware that there are several sizes to choose from. And that not all are appropriate for all age groups. The general rule is that 2.5 feet width is for kids 2-3 years old, 4 feet for 4+ years, and 6 feet for 6 years and older. And these numbers are easy to remember. If you are buying it for teenagers or adults for playing pickup games with friends, it all comes to your preference and storage space. Personally, my friends and I use the 6 feet version. When packed, it fits in a tear shape 30×40 inches, and it doesn’t fit flat in the boot of my car.


cones to prepare training
  • Help! My pop up goal is leaning back/not standing straight, and the manufacturer/seller doesn’t accept warranty. How to fix it?

This is the most usual complaint from people who buy pop up soccer goals for the first time. They expect them to stand straight. But, because of the design, they shouldn’t be. They are very light, and to make them a bit more stable, manufacturers design them with tops leaning back. This can look a bit odd and broken. But you should actually steer away from those that stand straight. They are guaranteed to be continually flipping over from the slightest breeze.

  • Do I need a pop up soccer net?

If you are someone who likes to play pickup soccer games, have a kid that is practicing soccer, coach youth teams; having a pop up mini soccer goal or pair is an excellent investment.

  • How can I use them?

They can be used for almost any soccer activity that doesn’t require square regulation soccer goals. For pickup games, physical education classes, coaching U13 and younger selections. Even older players can use it for practicing passing accuracy.

  • Where can I use them?

Most portable pop up soccer goals are intended for use on soft ground, turf, sand, or even snow; and come with pegs to secure them. Some models are designed for use on hard surfaces and are weighted. In my experience, even such weighted ones are too light and should be additionally secured by sandbags or gym weights.


Hopefully, armed with this information, you are feeling confident enough to go out and buy a pop up soccer goals that are best for you. They are a great thing to have, whether you are someone who just enjoys friendly games, a soccer coach/PE teacher, or an aspiring athlete. But if you still don’t feel confident deciding which one is best for you, I would advise you to make a choice based on your budget. If you are looking for a more affordable option, GOLME PRO offers the unmatched quality. But if for you the price is not the objection and you want only the best, PUGG is the only goal you should have on your mind.