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Nike Ordem Ciento – Copa America 2016 Ball

All through its history, Copa America has served up high measurements of dramatization, with every competition energizing the mythology of the world’s most seasoned worldwide soccer title – be it last matches including four times of extra time or a cap trap of penalty-kick misses. Copa America Centenario is the current year’s most noteworthy soccer competition in America. For awesome competitions, we require the best match balls, right. Introducing the Nike Ordem Ciento:  It is the official Copa America Ball in 2016’s release of the most established Association Football competition.

Copa America Ball

Brand: Nike
Name: Nike Ordem Ciento Soccer Ball
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

Copa America Centenario

stadium from above

2016 imprints the 100th commemoration of Copa America. It is the most seasoned and longest going universal football competition ever. Conceived in 1916, the competition has dependably been played in South America including nearby national groups and some visitor countries from different districts of the American mainland.

The 2016 release of the opposition acquires a few curiosities; interestingly matches will be played outside South America and taken to the United States. Ten urban areas in the U.S. will have the diversions where an extended number of contenders (16 groups) will do their best to win the unbelievable trophy.

About Copa America 2016 ball

crowded stadium

The Centenario release of Copa America without a doubt merits an astounding, choice authority coordinate ball. Nike was responsible for assembling such a wonder:
It is a football that could be on the list of best soccer balls. General Manager of Nike Soccer North America Andrea Perez, said that they were so eager to make the official ball for the Copa America Centenario and disclosed how they attempted to convey the brand’s advancement to the origination of the ball to make the opposition a “staggering scene”. That is the point at which the Nike Ordem Ciento was presented.

How does it look?

It is a normal Nike Ordem ball with the exception of its elements diverse representation, for the most part. This is a similar ball is utilized as a part of the World’s best soccer leagues, all the more particularly in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A household associations. It has a white base, dark sketching out with a silver stroke for the pentagon-molded boards and it peruses “Ordem Ciento” in one of those dark layouts. You can see the AEROWTRAC marking on one more of the pentagon boards.

It likewise highlights a red brushstroke streaming around the surface of the ball like it was hand-painted and it has gold accents along the red zone and on the logo. You can see the Nike swoosh logo in dark with a silver blueprint and inward stripes. At last, there’s — clearly — the FIFA Approved identification meaning this football has breezed through FIFA’s very requesting quality tests.

Radar, AEROWTRAC Technology & panels

line on the field

Nike’s Radar Technology

The Ordem Ciento’s look is entire of Nike’s Radar (Rapid Decision and Response) innovation. Its realistic example makes a glimmering impact when the ball is pivoting which makes it simpler for a player to see it through his/her fringe vision. This takes into consideration speedier response times and enhanced basic leadership.

What kind of panels does it have?

This ball has 12 Fuse-Welded pentagon formed panels. They are obviously observable considering they are the ones that have those enormous dark blueprints. One may think there is plenty of little panels on the ball, yet… On the off chance that you look carefully, you will that those apparently littler boards inside are not real panels. They really do not go to the full edge. That is a piece of what Nike calls the AEROWTRAC innovation.

What Is Nike’s AEROWTRAC Technology?

The AEROWTRAC technology — Nike Soccer’s most recent exclusive development — comprises of a few notches that were built to hold and to take into consideration all the more even wind current over the surface of the ball so it could create a more genuine direction and a more reliable and unsurprising flight design.

What does it mean?

It implies that there will not be any sudden exorbitant development or foaming because the ball will really go where you plan it to go. Passing, shooting, heading or twisting will be more successful and will bring outcomes that are more exact since this football has a tendency to be truly unsurprising.


What does it feel like & the outcome?

shoot inside the box

The Nike Ordem Ciento is intended for a very delicate feel and built for an unstable reaction off the foot. It comprises of a 3-layer packaging framework highlighting 12 meld welded boards (i.e.: there is no sewing required) with truly no hard spots. Inside there’s a poly-mix wrapped, free-drifting carbon latex bladder.

What is the outcome?

An exceptionally steady and firmer feel paying little heed to what it is you need to do with it; is it juggling, shooting, heading or passing. It does not feel too delicate and it is one of the heavier match balls, however not too substantial.

It’s worth the price?

empty stadium field

Top of the line soccer balls, for example, the Nike Ordem Ciento —, which is, mind you, the official match ball for the Copa America Centenario — are not modest. Presently… you are presumably asking yourself:

«Is it truly justified regardless of that price? »

It truly is dependent upon you do choose. The answer really lies in you and you want to utilize this football. Premium balls — freely of their image — truly are the most elite concerning how well they are developed.

That is obvious:

There is nothing better in regards to constructing quality, toughness, execution, responsiveness, direction consistency and feel. A legitimately expanded authority coordinate ball is a past correlation in case you are discussing those modest $20 soccer balls you can purchase just to kick around and have a fabulous time. It feels amazing and in the event that you have ever utilized one, you would know it. It profoundly changes both your point of view on how a football ought to feel and your inclinations on the most proficient method to pick the best soccer balls. There is a HUGE contrast…

… Between premium top-end soccer balls and modest soccer balls

In the event that you go for only the best and need to utilize a similar ball that soccer stars like Messi, Neymar, Edinson Cavani, Clint Dempsey, James Rodríguez and Chicharito Hernandez are utilizing and are open to spending that sum then… yes, it is justified, despite all the trouble. If not then it is NOT justified, despite any potential benefits. There is no chance to get around it; basic as that.


The Nike Ordem Ciento is a magnificent ball. It has a smooth vibe and extraordinary execution, in addition to it looks lovely. It performs extraordinarily in all the distinctive parts of the diversion: juggling, shooting, passing, heading and twisting. In spite of the fact that it may be a smidgen substantial— yet not all that, much — these things are superbly attainable and easily achievable.