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Adidas Messi Soccer Ball Review

Regardless if you are just looking to improve your performance and dribbling skills or you are looking for a quality soccer ball for all ages Adidas Messi comes to the rescue. When it comes to products that carry brands of famous sports athletes, there will be a lot of reviews. One example is the Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review. A lot of people purchase the ball for different reasons, either they bought it because they like Lionel Messi, or because they want to use it simply to play football. Most people will form a soccer ball review based on their opinions on the product, the merchant, or the brand.

Messi Glider

Brand: Adidas
Name: Adidas Messi Soccer Ball
Our Rating: 4.3 / 5

Some reviews are misconstrued because of various reasons as well. These are shown in a number of Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review. People often review without considering the product, which is why some reviews are biased and lack proper knowledge. The most excellent way to see if the review is honest is if it mentions the pros and cons of the object.

Lightweight & Butyl Bladder Design

soccer field from above

This means that it is easy to bounce around. It is designed to create more movement. It is perfect for beginners and professionals. Also, they feel comfortable under your cleats. The design even makes it easy to transport, as it isn’t bulky and heavy.

Bladders are used for air retention and good contact quality. Butyl bladders, like the one found in this soccer ball, is known to provide good contact and great air retention. Compared to later bladders, the butyl bladder feels softer and has a better bounce.

Product Features and Specifications

friendly match
  • Machine-stitched with the nylon-wound carcass for maximum imperishability and long-term use
  • Butyl Bladder for improved air retention to maintain shape, and inflation for longer periods of time
  • Comes in three sizes to cater to football players of all ages
  • Have three colors available: white, red, and solar red
  • Pre-inflated when delivered
  • Design is made to last and withstand any kick

The Adidas Messi Q4 is ideal to practice kicks. Due to its lightweight design, it makes kicking it around easy. Also, you can even maximize movement. Most beginner soccer players are looking for lighter balls to be able to practice different moves without straining too much.

Another good thing about this ball is that the stitches make it more durable for kicks. This means that you get your money’s worth because it doesn’t get worn out easily.

Summary of the Product/ Customer Reviews

kicking in nature
  • This ball is great for people from ages 8-14+. It can be used in any terrain, and it lasts no matter how hard you kick. The company has ditched the traditional 32-panel soccer ball and adds little more whirls to the ball. Here is a set of Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review from buyers.
    • Hot product—My grandson just loved it when he got it. It was evenly matched to his Messi soccer jersey and shorts. It may be a bit big for him, but that’s better. He’ll be able to wear it for a long time. This product is excellent for Messi fans. It may even inspire the fans to become like Leo Messi.
    • Good Ball—An excellent ball for my cute soccer player! He has been ecstatic, and even my man was pleased with the it’s quality! Good for developing kicking skills, maximum durability, and great quality.
    • Nice ball, worth the cost—I was hoping to find a lower price for this ball. But it is a fine ball and worth the cost. Despite its amount, it is high quality and extra durable, making it a very long-lasting ball and a good investment.

    Overall, the ball can be quite pricey. Still, with the product’s excellent quality, it will surely last for a long time. This one is great for Messi fans of all ages. Since the ball comes in multiple sizes, you can purchase a ball catered to the age of your soccer player. With that, you can easily train your soccer player at any age.

Areas for Improvement/ Customer Reviews

boys in match
  • Some retailers deliver the ball deflated.
  • It is quite pricey compared to regular soccer balls.
  • Some distributors do not send the right product or knock-off products.
  • Appears warped when delivered.
  • Warped Ball—I typically love Messi products, and my kids have both worn the cleats and love them. We assumed the quality of the ball would be no different, but it came not perfectly round. It is warped and egg-shaped. Very disappointed.

A number of Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review are aimed towards the seller, which is why those reviews are not as reliable. People have to keep in mind that other sellers carelessly distribute the ball. Needless to say that defective orders are not the product’s fault. A good Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review will mention the important details of the product, dimensions, pros and cons that are relevant to the product and not the distributor.


If you decide to buy the ball, you should keep in mind that the ball deviates from the usual 32-panel design, which gives it more of a spin when it is kicked around. The ball is required to have air pumped in when it is delivered, so you will have to purchase an air pump if you don’t have one. The air will be retained because of the butyl bladder, so you won’t have to worry about the ball deflating easily. If you need a good practice ball, this one is ideal for you. However, the price is high due to the brand of the ball. With the increase of soccer aficionados purchasing the Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball, the players must first find a ball review that gives them a summary of the gear they are purchasing to afford wasting money. It is also the customer’s responsibility to provide a good review of the product rather than the distributor. When looking for a reliable Adidas Messi Q4 soccer ball review, make sure to look into the details of the review before purchasing the sports product.