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Soccer Ball Machines

One of the sports that are gaining popularity very fast in the United States and all around the world is soccer. A lot of parents and soccer coaches are doing everything they can in order to help young soccer aspirants to become as good as they can be with soccer. The soccer ball machine also called soccer ball launcher is one of the tools used for teaching young footballers as adults to do well in this sport.

Soccer Ball Machine Reviews

Here are the best products on the market and quick reviews of them. Take a look below and find out which one suits your needs.

Strike Attack

Kwik Strike Attack

This is an automatic soccer ball shooter, a machine that’s powered by batteries and it works just fine on any playing surface. The Strike Attack soccer machine delivers a very realistic curve which can be controlled very easily. The machine delivers balls at a 70-yard distance with a speed up to 75 MPH. You can also lock the height, direction and the type of spin. Strike Attack’s frame has 6 handles that are integrated to enable a firm grip.

First Pitch Playmaker

First Pitch Playmaker

First Pitch Playmaker is a monster automatic ball launching machine made by the well-known brand First Pitch of over 100 pounds (45 kg), with a power to throw a ball at you with a speed of almost 100 mph (160 km/h) and distance up to 80 Yards (73 meters). A great choice for a goalkeeper but also for midfielders and forwards to practice passing, pitching, scissor kicks, bicycle kicks, even headers.

Globus Eurogoal 1500

Globus Eurogoal 1500

Globus Eurogoal speed is 20 km/h shorter compared to the First Pitch Playmaker but make no mistake, this is one of the best shooting and throwing machines you can find on the marker, one with a massive shooting power and range. It can be used for beginners, kids, advanced players and professional soccer players. It has the options to choose from a variety of trajectories, simulating real match situations with real match conditions.

Tutor Gold Trainer Machine

Sports Tutor Gold

The Gold Model Soccer Ball Machine is one of the most expensive of the 9 models that we are reviewing here. The machine has a specially mounted caster which lets you rotate the gold model very easily from one side to the other, facilitating multiple-line or sequential drills. Your coach can drill multiple players in different positions and can also add unpredictability to the shots when training with a goalie.

Mule Soccer Ball Launcher

Mule Pro Trainer

Here is our last product the Mule ball launcher. Another product to help players in different positions. It can deliver a realistic type of ball and that’s how the players can improve their soccer skills. It can kick the balls up to 50 yards.

Jugs Shooting Machine

Jugs Machine

Jugs soccer machine is made by the Jugs Sports brand. It can kick up balls up to 80 yards and can reach up to the speed of 90 mph. It can duplicate any type of pass or shot and because of this, you can train players in different positions. You can use it for youth or adults.

Pro Trainer


Pro Trainer Soccer Machine is one of the best machines on the market. It has a fold-out ball track which makes it possible for the model to feed up to 5 balls at the same time with intervals of 5 seconds. This way, players can practice on their own without the help of a coach or a fellow player. The Pro Trainer Soccer Machine comes with a remote which can be operated by foot and can deliver the ball up to 80 feet away.

SideKick Techne Pro

SideKick Techne Pro

Sidekick soccer machine is another known product on the market. It can be used by field players, goalkeepers, trainers, and coaches. This product can repeat the same speed, spin, and placement as many time needed. It’s able to give every minute 10 or more repetitions of the hardest serve. Built using the highest quality materials for professionals.

Toca Touch Trainer

Toca Touch Trainer

Toca soccer training machine is built for everyone as it can be used by young kids to adults, beginners to advanced players. It can improve the game of every soccer player. It provides multiple deliveries and the ball speed can go up to 50 mph. Engineered to be a portable machine, so the user can use it on any dry space.

What Are Soccer Ball Machines?

stretching before training

A soccer ball machine is a tool used for soccer training. Whether you need to practice on headers, volleys, one-touch passes, shots, chest traps or simply catching the ball with your feet, there’s no better way to train than with the help of a soccer ball kicking machine.

The machine works by throwing or kicking the ball back towards you every time, allowing you to practice very easily. These machines are highly beneficial for simulating shots with a goal.

The most important goal of this machines is to help soccer players perfect their soccer skills.

Offering the flexibility, power, and durability that helps to ensure that all players reach their potential, this machine can help you simulate shots and passes in various drills and settings. It rolls in two tires and you can use different kinds of soccer balls in the machine, whether it’s three, four or five balls.

Great for Goalies

goalkeeper saves goal

It is great for goalies, having the ability to fire shots up to 100 MPH and from as far as 80 yards. Thus, goalies can use the machine to practice their skills, which saves any type of serve and shot, including the most difficult ones. Using the machine as a soccer training tool can help encourage even the best goalkeepers to be able to push beyond their limits.

Superb for Scorers

before scoring a goal

Midfielders and forwards can also benefit from the use of the soccer ball machine to practice their skills. Since the machine provides a range of passing options, including curve kills, a player who wants to score some goals will surely not run out of drills. One of the best aspects of using this tool for the midfielders and forwards is timesaving.

This is because they get to save a lot of time during their practice with the help of the pitches of the machine. A lot of goal scorers could get up to 300 percent more reputations when using the machine unlike when they practice on their own.

Ideal for Personal Lessons

open space to move forward

If you’re a coach and you’re trying to train an individual soccer player, you can use the machine to perform a variety of soccer drills. In fact, the machine is specifically designed to work as a training tool that coaches can use for a one-on-one training with the player.

As some people would say, it is not how you work when other people are watching but it is more of how you work when no one is around. Thus, the machine is great if you want to practice soccer in privacy, whether you’re alone or with a coach. With the help of the ball launcher, you’ll be able to reach your full potential at the pitch.

Perfect for Team Training

player tired in a match

Not only is the soccer ball machine ideal for solo training but it’s also a great tool for training in a group or for the entire soccer team. In fact, a lot of coaches prefer to use the machine for their training regimes and practice plans.

All good coaches truly understand the value of repetitions and it is for this reason why they love using the machine so much. It helps soccer players to get as plenty reps as they possibly can, which somehow helps to hone their skills in the sport.

Aside from being incredibly useful and versatile, it is also built to last for a long time. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you use the machine every single day for individual lessons. You are guaranteed that it will last for a long time so you are free to use the machine as often as you can.

How to Choose the Right One?

line on the field

Because of the many benefits of the soccer ball machine, you’ll find that there are so many of them that are being sold now. It’s important that you get to choose the best from the wide variety of soccer ball launchers in the market. These machines are made by different manufacturers and have different prices as well. The price will usually depend on the features that the machine comes with.

Educate yourself about the different kinds of features in order to eliminate the confusion when choosing the right machine for you. Before you decide on the best machine to use for your soccer training, you must first determine which factors are more important to you. Your decision should ultimately be based on your needs and situation.

For instance, if you’re going to use the machine to teach your young child who is still starting to learn to play ball, then you may have to look for a machine that’s suitable for his age.Perhaps, a machine that’s ideal for beginners would work best for your needs.

Aside from the features, another important consideration when buying a soccer ball machine is its durability. Find out how long a particular pitching machine is expected to last.

Remember that you will have to use this machine very frequently for your soccer practice so it’s important that it’s something that will last for a very long time. The best way to determine how long the machine will last is to refer to its warranty. Simply put, manufacturers are not going to offer a five-year warranty on their product if they knew that it will not last at least that long.

Just like with buying anything, it’s important that you do a bit of research before you decide on the right soccer machine to buy. Also, remember that the best quality is not necessarily the most expensive and the cheapest is not necessarily of bad quality. So do your research well in order to get the best value for your money.

How Does Soccer Ball Machine Work?

shoot inside the box

Now that you know some important things about them, including how to choose the right machines to buy, it’s time to learn how this thing actually works. So how does the soccer ball machine work? Also called the corrective soccer training, the machine is made purposely to help soccer players train. Soccer players often have plenty of bad habits ingrained in them when it comes to receiving the soccer ball that they may need to make a hundred touches on the ball in order to correct these habits.

This is where it will come into play. In fact, these bad habits are also common in other ball games, where players don’t really know exactly how to properly trap, receive, valley and head the ball in different game conditions. The main purpose is to help players practice their game and advance their skills. Perhaps, a player would like to learn how to kick the soccer ball like a pro.

A great shot can make up for so much in soccer and if you will not learn the proper way to kick the ball, then you cannot assure a great game. If you are really serious about soccer, then you need to rely on the soccer ball machine to develop your skills. This tool can help you succeed on the pitch in every game that you play.

Remember that if you can’t control the ball on your first touch, you could end up chasing after the game instead of being able to control it with confidence. The soccer ball machines work by serving a soccer ball to the player, which gives players the chance to practice even without a server. It’s certainly a great tool for training and a great way to build confidence among the players.

Moreover, using the machine means that the player will have fun with their training instead of feeling stressed or confused about not being able to control the ball on their first touch. Players need to touch the soccer ball as much as they can each time they practice with the machine. When you include the soccer ball machine during training, the players can enjoy hundreds of great touches on the ball.

This includes driving the balls, rolling the balls and air balls and thus, different strategies can be possibly worked on. Remember that in a soccer game, how the player receives the ball, whether it’s in the air or at the ground, will determine the way in which they can control the ball during the entire game, which also trains them to become an effective player at the pitch.

It’s unfortunate to know that a lot of players are not getting enough of the ball touches during their soccer training sessions and this is supposed to help them become highly skilled. In other sports like baseball, the ball machines are also used as an essential training tool. All coaches are aware that successful repetitions are the best way to master any game, whether it’s volleyball, tennis, baseball, football, etc. In the case of soccer, making a great first touch on the ball will greatly matter. The soccer ball serving machine is a truly effective training tool for all soccer players, regardless of age and abilities.

Benefits of Using it

cones to prepare training

Before the soccer ball machine, players couldn’t practice on their own without having to call another player who could serve them. But thanks to this product, players can now practice rolling, bouncing and even drilling the ball without the assistance of anyone. They can even get hundreds of repetitive touches, and this helps them focus more on developing their skills.

Even soccer players who cannot serve the balls perfectly need training on receiving. Since players cannot serve the ball to themselves, they have to ask other players to serve them. But in order to be successful, everyone in the team must practice serving. The machine will do the part of serving the ball so that everyone will have the opportunity to practice. In addition, if the players will practice together as a team, they will be able to help each other more.

The soccer ball machines eliminate the need to assign a skilled server that can serve the ball. Moreover, the machine can also benefit coaches significantly. Instead of serving balls to his players, the coach will instead focus on coaching the players, teaching them the proper skills and techniques. Unless the player is out on the street every day to practice soccer, they are not actually getting the touches that they need to become truly skilled in the game.

It is made for the purpose of helping soccer players get enough training for the sport. The machine works by throwing the soccer balls repeatedly to the player, eliminating the need to assign a server in every practice. Indeed, the machine is a truly valuable tool, especially for the beginners and those who are looking to practice a specific type of skill in a particular situation. Any soccer player can get a good training on the machine.

It’s very versatile and you may not realize the great ways that you can utilize the tool for your training at first, but there are actually tons of ways on how to integrate the soccer ball machine in your soccer practice sessions. It should be noted that depending on the model of the serving machine that you will go for, they are available in different speeds. The speed is usually between 20 to 90 MPH, so do your research well and choose the machine that’s best suitable for your needs and your ability.


I hope you’ve liked our guide about soccer ball machines and that you’ve found the information you were searching for. Now is the time to choose the model you’ve liked the most.  Lastly, if you want to improve your shooting, scoring, and your visual focus check the SKLZ Goalshot.