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Nike Hypervenom Soccer Ball Review

I’ll begin this post with a customer review which said: My son was able to perfect his soccer skills, thanks to the Nike hypervenom soccer ball review he read which led him to choose this soccer ball. This soccer ball comes with colorful graphics for perfect visibility while at play. The construction of this ball is of superior quality allowing it to keep its shape despite extreme torture during training and at a game. This Nike soccer ball is available in different colors but with the graphic design similar to the very popular Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats in wolf grey.

Hypervenom React ball

Brand: Nike
Name: Nike Hypervenom Soccer Ball
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

This Nike hypervenom soccer ball review showcases the colors grey/black/orange (Nike swoosh), orange/green/black (Nike swoosh), black/orange/white (Nike swoosh) and white/black/green (Nike swoosh). It is also available in the sizes 1, 3, 4 and 5 for kids and adults.

Maintains Shape

line on the field

This review guarantees that this ball will retain its shape because it is made from 60% rubber combined with 13% polyester, 15% polyurethane, 12 % EVA. The butyl bladder allows the soccer ball to exceptionally retain air so frequent pumping is not necessary.

The 26- design panel enhances the flight of the ball allowing it to have a strong rebound. It also makes the ball more stable so its flight will not curve when kicked.

Graphic Design

full stadium

The graphic design shown in this Nike hypervenom soccer ball review provides superior visibility of the ball while at play. The high contrast pattern design also helps in the spin and trajectory of the ball. The 26- design panel, on the other hand, enhances the flight of the ball allowing it to have a strong rebound.

Nike Hypervenom Soccer Ball Features and Specifications

corner area on artificial surface
  • Maintains shape for a long period due to high-quality construction.
  • Extremely durable due to its 26 design-panel.
  • Butyl bladder for the quality of contact, rebound and long retention of air.
  • Ball cover consists of rubber, polyurethane, polyester, and EVA, making it ideal for outdoor soccer. These materials also repel water, which can make it heavy,
  • Graphic design makes the ball highly visible on the field.
  • Stable flight to ensure accurate shots due to its 26 design-panel
  • TPU casing is machine-stitched.
  • Comes in the official size and weight

Nike hypervenom soccer ball shows that the polyester and rubber materials of the ball make it ideal for outdoor football especially when playing on the hard ground. Although this ball is best used during training, it is also tops when used during actual games. Unlike other training balls, this ball has an ideal weight of 280 grams, not to mention, a unique design and style. 

Many users say this ball glides so much better than most training balls available in the market. The polyurethane and rubber top construction allows the ball to maintain its round shape even with less air inside. It also ensures a balanced flight. Its perfect upper round ensures a stable flight path which reduces the knuckle effect but provides a plus for free curved kicks. The best soccer balls come with hand stitching. Hand-stitched soccer balls are high-end balls. While it could have been great for this soccer ball to have been hand-stitched, the machine stitching this ball, is durable enough, though, considering its price range.

You may have difficulty picking out a ball with an excellent fly, but the Nike hypervenom soccer ball review features the ball with a great fly for its price range. Say goodbye to expensive soccer balls and always go for the Nike hypervenom. This review also displays the availability of balls. Size 1 (18 to 20-inch circumference) is ideal for developing skills; Size 3 (23 to 24-inch circumference) is for Juniors, Size 4 (25 to 26-inch circumference) is for Youth and Size 5, (28-inch circumference) is for adults.

Choosing the Right Soccer Ball

kid doing tricks

Soccer balls vary in construction and design. A soccer ball has four major components: the bladder, lining, stitching, and cover. Knowing what to look for in these components will enable you to choose the right ball for your needs, whether for training or actual play.

1. I would choose a ball with a synthetic leather cover or surface especially when using outdoors. Full-grain covers tend to absorb water which may make the ball heavy. Polyurethane (PU) is the ideal synthetic leather for soccer ball covers. On the other hand, some balls that are intended for indoor use have felt covers similar to tennis balls.

2. The number of panels of the soccer ball dictates its curve when kicked. Balls with fewer panels have less stable covers. A 32-panel soccer ball is the most ideal and most professional games use these. However, balls with 26 and 18 panels still have proper constructions.

3. I would also select a soccer ball with multiple lining layers. Numerous linings between the bladder and the cover (cotton and or polyester material) bonded together to provide the bounce, structure, strength, and durability of the ball.

4. Polyester stitching, especially a 5-ply twisted polyester thread, is the best for soccer balls. Hand-stitched balls create stronger and tighter seams. High-end soccer balls are usually hand-stitched. Mid-ranged soccer balls are machine-stitched. However, lower-end balls have panels glued to the lining. They produce a harder feel. I advise you to be conscious of how the last stitch was made.

5. The bladder is what holds air. Butyl is the best material for bladders although some may be made of latex. Butyl bladders can maintain air for long periods of time. Bladders made of butyl provide a combination of superior air retention and a perfect feel. Latex bladders, though, offer better tension on the surface.

Other than choosing the right materials for the major components of a soccer ball, it is essential to select the right size and weight. Sizes and weights are used depending on the age group of the players.


The Nike hypervenom soccer ball review highlights the ball’s significant pluses – its rubber, polyester, polyurethane and EVA construction which allows the ball to main its shape and retain air for long periods of time. Its graphics design allows the ball to have high visibility on the field while it’s 26- design panel gives it an excellent fly and a strong rebound. All in all, just like what one of the reviews said: My son discovered, the Nike hypervenom soccer ball is one that you should own. You can find more about other Nike soccer ball models by checking this article.