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Wilson Hex Stinger Soccer Ball Review

I believe that the Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball leads the innovation in one of the famous sports—soccer. With its anodized synthetic built, the Wilson Hex Stinger tops the list of the most durable soccer balls today in the market. And for you to get other essential details especially before purchasing one, you may also read an honest Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball review.

Hex Stinger Ball

Brand: Wilson
Name: Wilson Hex Stinger
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

So to help you discover the top-of-the-line features of this ball plus a bonus perk of a guide to buying one, just continue reading this surely helpful article.

Wilson Hex Stinger Soccer Ball Features and Specs

girl shoot on goal
  • Butyl rubber. This is another reason why this ball is excellent for each gameplay. The butyl is responsible for confining the air that results in a good ball rebound.
  • Sponge-backed cover. The sponge-backed cover feature is also highlighted in every Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball review. The sponge coating provides a soft touch that is very helpful in framing your best strike in the game.
  • Varieties of sizes for your ease. It is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5. With this vast array of sizes, you can ensure an entire scope of a quality soccer ball for all age levels.

Anodized Synthetic Built

This is the key feature of this ball. Any review would always ramp the extraordinary durability of a Wilson Hex Stinger ball. This is because the Wilson Stinger soccer ball is entirely coated with pure anodized built. You must always remember that solid oxide layers purely protect any anodized. Thus, you can expect durability and reliability of this ball through the years.

30-Panel Machine-Sewn Durable Construction

The 30-Panel machine-sewn durable construction is another killer blow. You will never find on the market a soccer ball with 30 sturdy panels that ensure the excellent grip between its threads. This feature makes the Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball appropriate for all age groups. No worries at all because it will never burst.

Customers’ Talks

teens in a match

For you to further assess the performance of Wilson Hex Stinger, you can also attend some online forums and discussions and learn something new from people around the world. Some customers who have purchased have not encountered a problem with the ball yet. It’s a bit flat so having a pump is surely handy. Just as stated in the review, it is a bit heavier than other balls that are size 4. If you have children ages six and five, the balls are just right for them.

It’s a fine ball. It looks good and durably made. There’s a great feel to the ball, perfectly round, and it holds pressure very well. It is recommended for a great all-around multi-turf soccer ball. These are real claims confirming that the Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball is indeed not your ordinary soccer ball. It is just only the best ball, and the majority of people will undoubtedly agree.

Fields for Improvement

full stadium

You will also find negative comments about this ball, and this is entirely normal. There’s no such thing as perfect even in this Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball review. However, you can turn these complaints into beneficial ones.

  • There are some reports that the Wilson Hex Stinger is not fit to be used on concrete floors. Some people complained that the ball would inevitably scuff if exposed to the concrete surface. However, this is only a slight concern because you can use it on grass, artificial grass, and even snow surfaces without any problem.
  • There is also a review that complained about the color discrepancy of this ball upon receiving the order. The customer lamented that after seeing the pictures online, he was hooked and ordered his ball. But, to his dismay, his order of red ball turned out to be pinkish in the actual delivery. Well, this is just an isolated case and will only happen if you buy in unauthorized dealers. So, to avoid discrepancy, just order from legit sites and expect nothing but the best item.
  • There’s a review that criticized the soccer ball due to its material. According to the customer, he bought the product but was dismayed because it appeared much more like a volleyball than a soccer ball. Of course, this review is another rare case. The original Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball offers the best quality, and that starts with its appearance.

These are the important information that you must know before purchasing your ball. Indeed, this soccer ball is the best. I like it, and my review says it all.

Guide to Buy


There are different websites online that offer this ball complete with the shipment. However, you need to be very careful because there are lots of hoaxes online.

  • Checking the sites

If you want to be assured that you’ll only buy the genuine product, a better deal on the legitimate sites. Find a website that only sells original products.

  • Price of genuine

Another tip for you to only buy the legit is to consider the cost of the item. If you encounter a site offering Wilson Hex Stinger for the lowest price, you’re probably on the wrong platform.

  • Searching for the Security Lock

While there are lots of websites selling this ball model, make sure to only deal with sites with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You’ll know if a particular site is SSL protected through the lock icon preceding the URL. Always remember, if you buy on sites with a lock, there’s no need for you to worry on any bluffs.


This is my review of why buying a Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball is definitely not a wrong decision. I have also included some tips for only buying a safe platform. You just need to read thoroughly my Wilson Hex Stinger soccer ball review and follow the tips, and you’ll become a real winner even after the game. You can also read the article where you’ll find more about the Wilson brand and their collection of best soccer ball models.