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Soccer Goal Targets

Old wisdom says that practice makes perfect, and when comes to practicing scoring in soccer, the best way is to use soccer goal targets. The biggest soccer stars, Messi, Ronaldo, or Hegerberg; are best known for their scoring ability. And that ability they do not possess from their talent alone, but from the practice. The soccer goal target practice is a training routine that will help you build up shooting muscle memory, and increase your shooting skills no matter whether you are a professional player, just making your first soccer steps or a recreational Sunday-league amateur player. But for the proper practice, you need proper gear, and that’s why you need soccer goal targets. By using soccer goal shooting target you can train yourself to the point that putting the ball on the right spot becomes your second nature.

Soccer Goal Targets & Reviews

Below is the list of soccer goal training targets that are among the best ones currently available on-line for purchase. The review of each one consists of the advantages and disadvantages, which will help you to choose the one that is perfect for your shooting practice.

PodiuMax 2 in 1 Pop Up

PodiuMax 2in1 for shooting

When it comes to your kid making his or her first steps on the road to becoming a soccer player the PodiuMax 2 in 1 Pop Up is for me excellent training aid. In short, it is a soccer goal with targets which is very easy to set for use. The lightweight and durable construction of this shooting target goal will allow your kid to practice shooting anywhere. It comes equipped with four iron bars, making it easy to anchor it in the turf. Furthermore, it is multifunctional and you can easily remove the shooting targets and use it as a goal. The targets itself have a 10-inch diameter, thus they are appropriate for all ball sizes, including the official match balls. Even if your kid is not embarking on the road to becoming a new Messi or Hegerberg, this soccer net with targets will provide them with hours and hours of the joy of playing the beautiful game.


  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Multifunctional, can be easily converted from shooting target into a goal
  • Foldable and comes with carrying bag
  • Can be used almost anywhere, in the yard, park, or living room


  • Not intended for professional use
  • Some user report the short life of material when used on abrasive surfaces, such as concrete

FORZA Goal Target Sheets

Forza Shot Accuracy Tool

FORZA’s Soccer Goal Target Sheets are not a single product, but a whole range. These sheets are intended for use on various goal sizes and come without the goal itself, which is common for soccer net targets. They come in nine different sizes which cover the range from 5ft by 4ft, appropriate for junior soccer goals, to 24ft by 8ft full-size regulation goals. Depending on the size, they come with 5, 8, 14, or 20 holes, and I find it that on some sizes there is too many of them making it too easy to hit the hole next to the one you are targeting. Personally, I have found that the full-size 24x8ft, and the futsal-size 3×2 meters version offer the best ratio of holes for practicing general shooting precision.


  • A high number of targets allows practicing shooting at any part of the goal
  • High durability waterproof material makes it perfect for outdoor use in any weather
  • It’s easy to attach to goalposts with bungee cord ball and loop connectors, which also give a nice bounce to missed shots
  • Holes have high-visibility borders


  • Some sizes have too many tightly packed targets

FORZA Top Bins – Corner Target

Forza Top Bins Corner

This is another soccer goals target from FORZA, but while Goal Target Sheets is intended for practicing accurate placement on any part of the goal, Top Bins are for best used for consistently hitting corners. And I have found that they are excellent for practicing the set-pieces. They are rather small targets, measuring just 1.8×1.8 feet, which makes them too small to use for the open play or team drills. But the small size makes them perfect for honing your knuckleball or banana shots. As an avid fan of nicely placed shot where goalie can’t reach it, I find this corner target to be excellent training aid.

But it comes with several drawbacks. For connecting to upper corners it uses a velcro tape system, while for lower corners it has additional two anchoring pegs. While this is a good connection system on its own, simple and straightforward to use, in combination with the rigid construction of targets it can cause problems. It is made of impact-resistant plastic, which makes it very durable, but when you hit its frame with the ball the velcro straps can come undone. So you might consider replacing them with ball and loop bungee cord connectors.


  • Can be used on goals of any size
  • Small size, very good for practicing extreme accuracy
  • High visibility and high durability design


  • Not suitable for open play drills
  • Velcro straps can relatively easily come undone

SKLZ Goalshot Training Aid

SKLZ goalshot Training Aid

Goalshot Soccer Goal Target from SKLZ is intended for practicing hitting the corner areas of goal which are quite tough for a goalie to cover, similarly to FORZA’s Top Bins. But, the target areas are considerably larger making it suitable for practicing both set pieces and open play shooting. This soccer shooting target net comes in three different sizes, 18.5×6.5, 21×7, and 24×8 feet, so you have to pay attention that you select a size that fits your goal. The first sign that this is a premium product is the lower part being weighted by a metal chain. Personally I would prefer a bungee cord, but the chain is more than sufficient for preventing it from flapping in the wind.

But, the Soccer Goal Target is not a perfect training aid. Though it is a premium product, quality of plastic buckles that are used for tying to posts could be higher. A bit awkward near-miss of the target area can break them relatively easily according to some users, and usage of metal connectors would be sturdier. Also, some kind of central area targets would greatly increase the versatility of these soccer goal training targets.


  • Can be used for both open play and free-kick practice
  • All-weather material
  • The bottom is weighted by a metal chain


  • Plastic clips used for connecting to posts could be a bit sturdier

QuickPlay PRO Target Nets

QuickPlay PRO 7 Scoring Zones

This is probably the most versatile soccer target net you can find on the market. It is a full-cover net with seven target zones, four corners plus three central targets. It comes in four different sizes, so be careful that it fits your goal frame. It connects to posts and crossbar with the ball and loop bungee rope system, making it easy to put up and kept securely in place. All target areas feature catch nets, making the ball retrieval very easy. It also features six color-coded velcro patches, which can be switched between targets. In my opinion, this is useful for improving visual acuity and speed of shot decision making during the open play drills. Having a coach or teammate calling of colors can simulate real game haste of quickly finding the open part of the goal, thus allowing for honing the shot selection skill. And if you wish to infuse a bit of a relaxed and enjoyable spirit into repetitive shooting drills, you can use it for a soccer variant of Around the World.

These soccer target nets are very versatile, seven targets allow for practicing both open plays and set pieces scoring, but they have a bit of sag when installed thus can’t be used for practicing scoring of the rebound.


  • Very easy to securely install
  • Ball catch nets allow easy and quick ball retrieval
  • Seven targets make it very versatile


  • Have no bounce, making it unsuitable for the second-chance drills

How to choose soccer goal targets

line on the field

Soccer goal targets are an excellent tool for practicing individual finishing skills, especially in the situation when you do not have a goalkeeper at hand. Out there in the wild, there are various types and shapes of goal targets, and it is important that you choose the one that will help you practice to target soccer goals with accuracy.

●     Suitability

Not all goal targets are intended for all people. Some are intended for honing a very specific part of finishing skill, like consistently hitting corners from free-kicks, while others offer the ability to practice a wider range of shots and shooting situations. When choosing the one for you or your team, you must pay attention to not select a soccer target net that will limit your ability to train to a small number of situations. The rule of thumb is that greater versatility is a good thing to have.

Also, be aware that outside of the United States “soccer” is called “football”, and that “football goal target” might be the thing you are looking for when browsing a European web site.

●     Durability

Whether they are soccer net targets, or target frames, or similar devices, this equipment will see a lot of repeated use, and you need to make sure that it can withstand it. One of the most important parts of them is the netting around the target areas. The material used for their construction must be tightly woven, otherwise, you can expect it to easily fray and break. Another part that can influence durability is the system for mounting on goalposts. Generally speaking, plastic connections are of lesser quality, while metal ones are sturdy enough to withstand repeated use and bungee rope ball and loop are flexible enough.

●     Number of targets

When honing your skills you need proper feedback. If your target net has too many tightly packed targets it might be a bit hard to judge whether you have hit the intended or adjoining target. Depending on the size of the goal you will use it, it shouldn’t have more than ten targets. Only the full-size goal, 8 yards by 8 feet, is large enough to fit more than 10 targets.

●     Size

Just as soccer goals come in different sizes, soccer goal targets do too. And no matter how simple this choice sounds, it can easily complicate your life. Goal targets are made all around the world, and some companies give dimensions in the metric system. Thus you must be careful that your target fits your goal.

●     Goal frame inclusion

In my experience, this is the error most often made by first-time buyers. Soccer goal targets are very specialized equipment and very rarely you will find them on offer with goal frame included.


line on the field

●     Do I need a soccer goal target?

If you wish to improve your shooting accuracy, soccer net target or any other type of visual aid is a great tool for accomplishing this.

●     Who can use them?

There is no upper or lower age/skill limit, and by honing your shooting skills anyone can benefit, no matter whether you are a kid making the first steps, recreational player, or a seasoned pro.

●     Can I make my own shooting target?

In short, yes. All you need is a piece of cloth and three ropes to tie it to posts and crossbar. But such devices are when a single target is desired. For more diversity of shooting drills, you should consider purchasing a purpose made one.


No matter how good finisher you are if you are playing as a forward or striker you can always benefit from improving the goal-scoring ability. And no matter whether you are a kid or pro player, you can benefit from practicing with soccer goal targets. They allow you to practice shooting without a goalkeeper, thus allowing you to practice on your own. Or if you are a team coach, to have training session drills split into units, goalies, defenders, mids, and forwards; and hone their specific crucial skills the way some of the best coaches in the world, such as Marcelo Bielsa, like to work with their players. I hope that I have armed you with the necessary information whether you are purchasing for yourself or your team. If you still can’t make up your mind what kind you need, I would suggest the QuickPlay PRO Soccer Goal Target Nets. They are very versatile and with a little bit of imagination, they can provide hours of entertaining exercises, such as playing a soccer variation of the Around the World game.