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Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer Ball Review

Soccer or Football is the most famous outdoor sport. People from over 200 countries watch the soccer game, play football, and love this game. The statistics reveal that over 240 million play this game on a regular basis. It shows how popular this game is and how tough it is to be an absolute best player. The leading soccer stars like Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldhino, Neymar, and many others work quite hard to be the leading players in this game. You may also wish to be one of the leading soccer players one day, but how would that happen? You need proper training and some innovative soccer accessories to improve your performance. It may be possible that you may not always find a partner to practice soccer. So, in such a situation, you should use a Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer ball, which is a perfect ball for solo soccer training.

Futsolo SideKick

Brand: Futsolo
Name: Futsolo Sidekick Soccer Ball
Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

The Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer Ball is getting a huge response from the soccer trainees around the globe. Let’s find out what is so special about this training ball and why you should buy it.

The Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer Ball


The Futsolo sidekick training soccer ball is a necessary training component for every soccer player who wants to train alone and like a pro. It is not one of those products, which are endorsed without letting the professionals test them.

The leading European soccer clubs have tested and approved this training ball for all the soccer players. You do not need another player to train because this ball will come back to you after every shot. You can train ball passing, receiving, free-kicks, and other moves through this training ball. An elastic cord would be attached to the ball that will pull it back on different parts of your body. You can train alone and enjoy the training as you have never done before.

Color setting, an innovative feature of the training

Futsolo cord colors

The Futsolo sidekick soccer training ball comes an adjustable elastic cord. There will be 4 color settings on the elastic cord for practising different kinds of shots. You can choose different color settings to change the tension of the cord. It will help you in receiving the ball on different parts of your body. It means you can kick the ball and get it back on any desired part of your body. That’s how it works and that’s why it is so amazing. Solo soccer training with the Futsolo sidekick ball will seem similar to training with another player.

Choose the green setting if you are willing to kick the ball. The ball will come back towards your feet and you can practice the instep kick, inner sidekick, outside kick, back heel kick, and toe kick. If you want to learn how to receive the ball on the chest and then kick it, then you should switch to the yellow setting on the cord. Get the ball back on the thighs by switching to orange setting and the blue cord will zip back the ball towards your head for the header. If you simply want to practice the pass, then hold the cord by the handle and you can pass the ball as players do during the practice sessions.

The color settings offered by Futsolo Sidekick soccer training ball are simply amazing and now you would also agree that it is an amazing training gear for the soccer players. You can constantly switch the color settings to form a real game like situations and practice soccer. This training ball is also an amazing training tool for goalies. The goalies will never need the assistance of other players when they have the Futsolo training ball. They can kick the ball and get it back like other players are trying to shoot a goal. This soccer ball can make you a great soccer player if you want to train like a pro.

Official Video Presentation

Notable features

soccer field from above

Calling Futsolo Sidekick training soccer ball an innovative soccer tool would not be wrong. It is simply amazing and necessary for every individual, who wants to become a professional soccer player. Its main features include the following:

  • Offers game-like training because the ball will return to all the body parts and you will learn how to manage it and kick it or pass it.
  • A perfect way of developing the best first touch on your team.
  • This ball can help you in becoming a specialist in ball control.
  • The control cord comes with different color settings that allow you to receive the ball on your knees, feet, chest, head, hands and other parts of your body.
  • The ball will spin freely without any hurdle and it will come back like a real player has kicked it towards you.
  • The manufacturer is offering the satisfaction guarantee and ensuring the quality of the product.

Pros and Cons

empty stadium field

Just like any other product, the Futsolo Sidekick training soccer ball also has many pros and some cons. You must check these details to ensure you are investing your money in a beneficial training gear.


  • Eliminates the need for another soccer player in the training.
  • Offers the practice of every soccer move and kick.
  • Easy to switch the settings and receive the ball to different parts of the body.
  • Improves your decision making strength on the pitch and makes you a master of ball control.
  • An affordable soccer training ball for players, who like to train alone.
  • A perfect companion for the young soccer players, who want to gain a complete control over the soccer ball.


It can be a bit tough to learn the color setting otherwise everything is fine about Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer Ball.


The Futsolo Sidekick Training Soccer Ball has made it easier to learn how to play soccer, especially if you want your kid to be a master of ball control. This soccer ball will be a perfect companion for any soccer lover, who cannot control the soccer ball and want to learn how to play like a pro.