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Soccer First Aid Kits

Every member of the team should have a soccer first aid kit that is easily accessible for all their games and even during practices. Mine was purchased as a pre-made kit online, and I find it better than completing the package myself. There are many pre-made kits available, and you can buy them at any time. Soccer players can always get injured during a game. Mostly these injuries vary from minor scrapes and bruises to something more serious. Before these injuries can get more severe, a soccer medical kit can mitigate the problem.

By knowing how to apply first aid if these injuries happen using the things from my aid kit for soccer, I can prevent major medical emergencies. Different companies design and manufacture these soccer first aid kits for various purposes. Some are complete and high-quality while some are lacking in few details. Getting the best sports injury first aid kit can be daunting, but if you know what you’re looking for, chances are you’ll get the best quality.
This is what this article is all about. I made a list of the five best soccer medical kits based on my criteria. Read my review of the most well-known brands for coaches’ first aid kit.

Soccer First Aid Kit Reviews

A football first aid kit is more than just ointments and bandages because some items cover trauma kits, professional needs, and other sports-related items. That’s what makes these kits unique; each one of them has a particular purpose for whatever situation I might find myself in. Here are my top picks for the best soccer team first aid kit.

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Surviveware black

This kit is made by a company that breathes first aid, Surviveware. What makes it stand out is it has taken into account my state of mind during an emergency, panic state. That’s why they made it so organized for me to stay calm during an emergency. In this kit, I can find everything I need because it is properly arranged and labelled. The Surviveware First aid kit is made to last. Its case is fashioned from a 600D Polyester, which makes it the most reliable bag in my list. The kit contains the strongest stainless-steel scissor that can snip through anything. The bag can outlast those plastic cases that might break in the long run.

This kit contains at least a hundred essential items that could mitigate injuries during soccer games and practices. However, it remains lightweight and portable to fit with the rest of my coaching items. I can also attach it to my bag, my belt, and carry it everywhere with me. It is also waterproofed as the bag is water-resistant, while sturdy zip-topped bags protect the contents. This means that all the contents are secured even if it rains during the game. The strongest point of this kit is how the items inside are neatly organized and labelled on what it does. Again, this is vital when I’m in a stressful situation because I can find the things that I need. Plus, it’s an FSA and HAS-approved medical kit.


  • The bag is made from 600D polyester that’s durable
  • Labelled inner sleeves to get the right items quickly
  • Extra space for additional items
  • With superb versatility accounting for almost anything you’ll need


  • Appear too full for all the items
  • Contents are not complete; it needs a CAT tourniquet, etc. but you can add more

Gamal (150 Pieces)

Gamal 150 pieces

The second on our list is the Gamal First Aid Kit, which is geared towards survival and emergencies. It is a complete kit that I can take along to every soccer game and practice because it is the most complete and ready to take on every emergency. Included in this sports first aid contents list are bandages, poncho, blanket, tweezers, medical ointments, and many more. This kit has FDA approval, which you should be looking for when buying a first aid kit to make sure that it’s safe. It is contained in a moderately sized fluorescent bag in yellow and very visible in the dark for easy recognition when you need to attend to a patient. Although it has even that everything, I like that it remains compact and lightweight to fit in my backpack with a small handle to carry it around.

The bag is also durable and can last longer as it is made from a 600d canvas with clear compartmentalized inside packets to hold the things inside correctly. It is a must-have for soccer coaches and players because it gives you peace of mind knowing you have everything you need in a tightly packed and organized case.  


  • With FDA approval
  • Comes in a brightly colored, fluorescent bag that’s easy to see
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not easy to buy in retail stores but available online 
  • It comes without a guarantee

Everlit Emergency/Survival

Everlit Emergency Survival Trauma

The next first aid kit for the sports team on our list is the Everlit Emergency Kit. The company that manufactures this kit has a good history of saving lives, and this one is no exception. It contains everything you need for a possible emergency while in a soccer game. The whole kit is equipped with all possible safety features and essentials for any kind of emergency.

The design of the case and its contents have military precision since the people behind them are US military veterans. These people made sure that it incorporated safety measures and preparedness for any life-threatening situations. It has the most advanced and user-friendly first aid stocks needed to control massive bleeding. The kit also has an emergency supplied to treat hypothermia and respiratory shocks and a splint roll that will keep the bones in position.   This kit is all I need to take care of soccer injuries. Everything is contained in a bag made from quality premium nylon that is resistant to tearing and can last longer. The easy fold-out design allows me access to its contents easily. All in all, this is an excellent kit with great value.


  • Professional design
  • Contains all the emergency supplies you’ll need
  • Compact and portable
  • With a plethora of amazing features


  • The kit is a little pricier than the rest on the list

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 Medical Kit

Swiss Safe 2in1

Another item on our sports first aid kit list is the Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit containing about 120 items. This must-have kit has many amazing features that I need to bring on every soccer game. It is a versatile kit that should also be in your home, car, office, RV, or boat because it can treat not only common minor injuries but also medical emergencies. You will never know when it will come handy.

This kit is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, which means that all the items needed to tackle any kind of emergency are safe for use. The bag is lightweight, easy to carry, and in characteristic red color. It is made from durable materials with a handle. All items are conveniently arranged inside for easy access when you need them. Every purchase of this kit comes with a comprehensive guide on how to employ first aid. By studying them, one can immediately treat a soccer player who gets hurt in the game without hesitation with the fully equipped bag. What makes it even better is the kit is affordable and accessible to everybody.


  • It is lightweight and compact
  • The durable carry bag that’s sure to last longer
  • With a sturdy handle to carry it around
  • Reasonably priced


  • It only comes in one color

Military Uniforms

Military uniforms all purpose

The last item on our list that every soccer team should have is this All-Purpose soccer first aid kit from Military Uniforms. This kit has all the things you need for emergency treatment. It is compliant to ANSI and OSHA standards and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, and there is no doubt that this kit comes with high quality. The whole kit contains more than 156 medical-grade products that are perfectly organized in a compartmentalized carry case. Because not everything can be found in one first aid kit, this brand provides extra space for additional items you may need.

This kit is contained in a durable vinyl and nylon fabric made with a sturdy handle. It is compact and lightweight but can hold lots of things that I may need in case the soccer team encounters an emergency. You can carry it around easily with the bag made from high-quality materials. When you purchase this kit, you’ll get a guide for administering primary care.


  • Every kit comes with a first aid treatment guide
  • Compact and portable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compartmentalized interior to organize the contents


  • Not readily available
  • Some of the items inside the bag need to improve its quality.

How to Choose the Best Soccer First Aid Kit

player tired in a match

The following are the points to consider when buying a soccer first aid kit. Like me, applying these factors can help you make a more informed buying decision.  

Variety and Quality of Contents

The soccer first aid kit does not necessarily have everything you’ll find in an ER, but it should contain items that you need for administering first aid during a minor injury or medical emergency. Remember that kit is not made to treat all kinds of emergencies. The number of items it contained should not be your gauge in buying the kit. Instead, review the contents and see if these might be useful in real-life emergencies.

Covers all the Basics for First Aid

A soccer first aid kit should have the following components:

  • Antiseptics to kill germs and prevent infection
  • Treatment for injuries like butterfly closures, cold compresses, and bandages that could dress any kind of wound
  • Medicines like analgesic
  • Instruments like scissors and tweezers

Organization of Its Contents

classic ball

Soccer first aid kits are used in stressful situations, and the last thing you want is to rummage inside the kit to find something. The package should have ample storage and compartmentalized areas inside to hold the contents and easily find them.


Since there is a lot of movement in the soccer game, the kit should be compact and lightweight. It should be something that fits the backpack that you can grab whenever you need it. The kits on my list have the best sizes.

The material of the bag

Most of the bags in this list have well-arranged content and made from sturdy materials. You can expect them to last longer and be able to carry the items easily.


Price is subjective, but everybody checks them before buying. You have to remember that not everything cheap is of low quality and expensive one comes with high quality. The opposite is also possible.


cones to prepare training

Q: What should be in the soccer first aid kit?

A: The essential items in the first aid kit for soccer teams should include: antiseptics, treatment for injuries, necessary tools like scissors and tweezers, and medicines.

Q: Which is better: buying a first aid kit or building my kit?

A: If you are not into building your own kit, you can buy first aid kits that are specifically designed for sports. You can choose from our list above. If its contents are not to your satisfaction, you can add more items.

Q: Where should I place my soccer first aid kit?

A: Accessibility is the key. It would be better to place your first aid supplies where you can easily reach them and that it should be readily available. It is also advisable to label the items in the kit, so you know what you are getting. You can also label the supplies according to their purpose like “for an allergic reaction” or “for wound care.”


A soccer medical kit is essential in any game. Many soccer injuries can be minor like typical cuts, scrapes, and bruises that are associated with contact sports. It is a great idea to keep everything handy in treating these injuries with a first aid kit within your reach. These are the top soccer first aid kits on the market that I highly recommend. If you have any other idea and want to look for a kit for yourself, use our guide to make an informed decision.