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Epic Soccer Training Program Review

Before I get on with the Epic Soccer Training program review, few things need to be said. One thing you will find in common among all professional soccer players is their admission that through their youth, they have played soccer regularly. And successful coaches will tell you that they didn’t play a game. No matter how much fun they had. They were training. But the real growth of their skills started when a certain structure was introduced in their training. The Epic Soccer Training Program is such one structure. And according to thousands of players who are using this training program, it is one of the best, if not outright, the best soccer training program.


Author: Matt Smith
Name: Epic Soccer Training Program
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Created by former All-American and professional soccer player, Matt Smith Epic Soccer Training is a product of years and years of not just his own experience and knowledge. But also of other top players and coaches he worked with or under.

Epic Soccer Training features

est package

Epic Soccer Training is an online training course that will reveal to you the closest guarded insider secret of training soccer. That there is no secret to training soccer. There is only work, sweating, and improving your skills.

The starting premise of Matt Smith, with which he has developed this program, is that the conventional soccer practices are putting emphasis on the team building. And not enough on the player skill-set building. And all great professional soccer coaches agree with him. Team practices are per design intended for putting together the individual pieces. But the faith of those pieces depends on their individual training. And Matt is one of those coaches who wish to put your own soccer faith in your own hands, by giving you tools needed for improving your individual skills.

At First Glance

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At first glance, Epic Soccer Training might seem like any other training program. You get a PDF workbook and access to a bunch of instructional videos. What you could expect from any other program designed by various coaches from around the world. But what sets Matt’s apart from all of them is what is in this material. While others contain ages-old wisdom of ancient coaches, here you will find the knowledge of the top players and skills which took them to the top of the game.

Modern soccer is a fast-changing game. Old wisdom and old techniques are just that old. Long gone are the days when coaches, like Zdenek Zeman, would stand with a stop-watch while his players are running up and down the stands. Today is the time of the analytics of what works and why it does. And Matt will show you that of all the things that other programs teach you just 20% are useful for more than 80% of situations on the pitch. Continuing with this Epic Soccer Training review, let’s see how he does that.
The program is divided into three modules, with each progressively giving you the skills and knowledge needed to become a much better player on the soccer field.

Module 1 – The Rock

open space to move forward

The program is divided into three modules. The first of them is aptly named The Rock, and it will help you the foundation for improving your soccer skills. I can tell you from my own experience, knowing how to train is more than half of training. Old wisdom is that practicing something slowly will make you able to do it fast. But Matt doesn’t share such a view, and I would dare to say that he’s a faithful disciple of the Italian great, Carlo Ancelotti. You should train the way you play is his guiding principle. And the fast-paced game of modern soccer should be trained at match speed.

The Rock will throw you in the deep end from the get-go. But will do it smartly. It will introduce you to the concept of “dynamic touches”. But, what are they? When asked about what sets apart the great players from the rest of the crowd, England’s legend Wayne Rooney said the touch. The first touch, silky smooth control of the ball. And in this module, you will be touching the ball quite a lot and quite quickly.

It is divided into 19 separate topics, with each of them accompanied by a video clip explaining the details and intentions of each exercise. This way are all other modules organized too. And they will teach you how to train, instead of wasting time going through the same old motions. It will create a foundation for improving your skills and growing as a soccer player.

Module 2 – The Cup

boys in match

If the first module was the foundation, this one is the bread and butter of the soccer skills. It contains all the things needed for winning. You will get the knowledge of many drills and practices with which you will develop the skills that are crucial for being the best player on the pitch. Ball control, dribbling, passing, everything every player from the back of the defense to the spear-head of attack must have to be the top player. It will give you the tools needed to become a smarter player.

Whether you are trying to get through the tightly packed defense or to start the build-up play from the back, you need the skills. And The Cup will help you develop those skills. But while other training programs stop right there, the Epic Training Program will take you a step further and teach you how and when to use those skills.

It will help you improve what Matt calls the soccer I.Q. How to be a smarter player and where to be on the pitch to be a game-changer, and how to make plays that will be frustrating for your opponents. How much that is important in modern soccer you can find out by looking at Germany’s great, Thomas Müller. By the standards of the top soccer players, he lacks physical strength. And by his own words, he’s not very good at trick dribbling nor in one-on-one situations. So, why is he still one of the best players in the world? His soccer intelligence, ability to be at the right time at the part of the pitch where he can have a devastating effect.

Module 3 – The Factory

before scoring a goal

The whole is the sum of its parts, and the soccer player is the sum of his skills. Just like when putting together a machine, this module will teach you how the skills and techniques of the previous two fit together into a well-rounded unit. Besides starting to put all the parts together, you will be putting all the moves together.

Remember that I’ve said that 20% of the moves and skills are used in 80% of the game situations? This module will teach you to make them work 100% of the time. You will be working on the skills that will make you able to beat the defender each and every time. Even if you are a defender, you will learn how to get rid of the pesky forward, putting the pressure on you. And it will teach you things that work, and not just some flashy looking tricks.

But it will also give you tools to become more than just another member of the team. It will teach you how to be the leader on the pitch, how to use your individual skills, and help your teammates to be better players. The best players in the world are not just the most skillful. Everyone knows hosts of promising players who could do tricks and impress. The best players are also the leaders, the conductors who orchestrate their team to the victory. And Matt will teach you the skills needed to lead your team to achieve your goals.


cones to prepare training

That’s what Epic Soccer Training is. But with it, you will get a few extra things that will help you become a more complete soccer player.

The Epic Soccer Fitness Guide is the fitness program consisting of exercises that are specially tailored by the best high school coach in any sport. They are especially targeting the physical demands of soccer players. With a smart combination of interval training, they will get you quickly in the top match fitness shape. And in much better shape than your opponents.

The Epic Soccer Nutrition Guide is a simple tool to bring all your skills to the pinnacle of your potential. It contains proper advice about foods you should eat before the game, which will allow you to perform the whole game at your top level. But it will also teach you proper habits to avoid the cramping late in the game. And you will also find out why sports drinks actually are not all that good for replenishing electrolytes, and what is the best isotonic drink.

The Epic Soccer Training Vault is the fourth module of the training system. It is the most advanced one which deals with the proper playing mindset wherever on the pitch you are or whichever position you are playing. It will also give you the skills needed to direct your team-mates into setting up highly effective counter-attacking moves.

Who is Matt Smith?


Matt Smith is a guy who at the start of his soccer career, struggled a lot. No matter what kind of effort he put during the team practice sessions, he was riding the bench. By his own admission, he was a bit-player limited to cameo appearances here and there. He was never seen as a player who can make a difference, or pull a game-changing move. Always used just to spell some other player in the dying minutes of the game.

But one day, Matt decided to up his soccer practicing by “stealing” the knowledge of the best players and coaches. And set himself on that road. And it led him to become an All-American soccer player, Florida’s soccer player of the year, 3-time All-State soccer player of Florida, professional soccer player, and a successful coach.

The best soccer players have become so by learning from those who are better than them. And Matt has collected the knowledge and practices of some of the best players and coaches into probably the best soccer training system.

Who should use it?

stretching before training

Epic Soccer Training is intended for almost anyone who wants to improve their soccer skills. If you are aiming to reach the top, especially if you are a young prospective player, it is a structured training program that will help you make progress and do so quickly. Even if you have already established some training habits, it will teach you the proper ones that will truly help you become a better soccer player. If you are a young player trying to get in a varsity team, it will provide you with a blueprint for developing as a soccer player even beyond the level you are aspiring to.

But it can also be useful for coaches. It will give you the tools needed to guide your team to success. Effective and efficient exercises that will help you improve all your players individually. Every team is as strong as its weakest player, and this program will help you make them among the best ones. It will help you teach your players how to work harder and think quicker. By boosting your teaching skills, it will make you able to increase your players’ playing skills.

The most significant advantage of Epic Soccer Training is that it can help anyone, whatever the skill level they have, to improve their game.


  • A complete program for individual training
  • Video demonstrations are done by a pro player
  • High quality of the video material


  • Video lessons are not available for download


To be the best, you need to train like the best. After all, that’s the way they have reached the top level of the game. Epic Soccer Training is a training program that will give you the best blueprint for reaching the top. But it will not give you some secret sauce for becoming a new Messi overnight. That is something you will have to provide yourself, just like any other top player did by practicing and putting a little bit more effort every day. What Epic Soccer Training will give you is the guidance and the best practices of the best players. Without any unnecessary stuff.