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Best Soccer Balls & Reviews

Soccer is an amazing sport, but to play it we need certain equipment and the main equipment are soccer balls. There are thousands of balls on the market, but not all of them are good and they don’t deserve to be there because they aren’t quality. Today I’m here to help you and to give you some tips on where and how to pick the best soccer balls.

Best Soccer Ball Reviews

I have chosen these best soccer balls on the basis of mine and others opinion. I have also looked at reviews and comments on stores, forums and asked some friends who play with me.

How to Choose The Right Soccer Ball? – 7 Tips & Hacks

classic ball

1. When we are searching for the best soccer balls we have to check for a few things. Firstly it is good to look at the material of the ball. Often soccer balls that are mainly from plastic are worse and less quality. I recommend you to avoid that type of balls. They are frequently also cheaper.

2. The second thing we have to do is define what will we use them for? Will we use them for practising soccer every day and for playing matches, or will we give them to a child which will kick the ball once a week?

3. According to what I previously said, we should focus also on the soccer balls price. If you are choosing the ball for a child you should definitely pick a cheaper ball and look for soccer balls under 100$. If you are a beginner you should check balls for beginners, if not I recommend checking training soccer balls. On the other hand, if you are practising every day and you need balls for matches you should look for top-quality soccer balls. These are often also more costly. There are also little soccer balls which can help you to get the better technique.

4. Select a ball that will suit you best for what you will need it for. As an example, if you need it for matches or training you should probably pick one of better quality than somebody who needs it to play with it once a year. You should also take into account on which surface will you use it. Do you need turf soccer balls, outdoor soccer balls, indoor soccer balls, futsal soccer balls or street soccer balls?

5. Another good tip is also that you check if the ball has a warranty. Some of the balls which are more costly have it and this is a big plus.

6. When we are choosing the best soccer balls it is great if we get opinions from as many people as we can. If your friends play soccer you can ask them for a bit of advice, or even for your coach or somebody that has played soccer. What they think about a different soccer ball and if they have tested it. Doing this can really take a lot of your time.

7. When you are buying online this is easier, because you have ratings and comments on many stores out there. It is good to look at top rated soccer balls or best selling soccer balls. Another good source to do is by visiting soccer forums where people talk about different things and there can be also a board/post about soccer balls, what they think, their experience, etc. Each person like different designs, colors, and models of balls, so you can also check for cool soccer balls or awesome soccer balls.

Where to buy soccer balls

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There are many stores, local and those online. I prefer buying online because it is easier for me and I’m choosing & watching in peace without any hurry. When you are buying the best soccer balls, you have to be careful that the store is verified, so you won’t lose your money.

Here I will give you some of the verified online stores where you can buy the best soccer balls:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart

Personal experience as a soccer player

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I’m playing soccer since I was 10, since 2005. I have also played it before, but I was not so serious as after. At the age of 10, I started to practice it seriously. Now I’m still playing it, you can check my transfermarkt profile here. During my career, I have tried, changed and played with many different soccer balls. Because I have tested so many of them, I have also created my top soccer balls which you can see above.

Editor’s pick – One of the highest quality soccer balls

I have also chosen the ball which I love most. I have chosen the Adidas World Cup Telstar 18 official match ball. I simply love it. I have played with it and the feeling & the touch are really great. Take a look also at the video presentation of Telstar 18 World Cup official match ball. You can find all Official World Cup Soccer Balls here

Best Rated Soccer Ball Brands List

artificial surface

You may be asking which is the best soccer ball brand. Well, there are many brands there, but some of them are more popular than others. Here are some of the popular soccer ball brands:

Adidas Nike Brine
Puma Mikasa Wilson
Under Armour Select Vizari

Futsal and Indoor Soccer Balls

corner area on artificial surface

We have also futsal soccer balls, for playing futsal inside on the hard surface. These are a little bit different than the outside balls. Most times they are a little bit heavier and they don’t fly so much as the balls for outside soccer.

Then there are also indoor soccer balls that are used to play indoor soccer on a turf surface. You can check my review regarding the best indoor soccer ball in case you are an indoor soccer fan.

How much does a soccer ball costs

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Are you wondering how much does a soccer ball cost, or better say it like this, how much a good soccer ball costs? Even if you are a complete beginner and you don’t know anything about soccer balls or if you know more about them, I will guide you on how to choose and what are the soccer ball prices.

You can order balls which have different prices. I have divided them depending on their price. I divided them into 4 groups and these are balls under 30$, under 50$, under 100$ and above 100$. I think this is the right distribution because then these balls have most times similar characteristics.

When we are talking about price, I have to add that price is most time connected with the quality of the product. Higher the price, the better the product. Now have what I said about balls in each of these 4 groups.

  • Under 30$

These soccer balls are really cheap and this may be great if we look from the economic point of view, but is different if we look at the quality of these products. I think these products are great for little kids who don’t use a lot of a ball or to give someone a gift. Of course, this can be without any problem used for training and more demanding exercises, but the question is how long will they last and how will the user experience be.

  • Under 50$

This group of balls is for sure better in quality than balls under 30$ and we can use them for training. I’m sure they will last longer and you will have a better user experience. You can find more Soccer Balls Under 50$ in this article.

  • Under 100$

In this group of balls are already high-quality soccer balls which can be used for training and matches. I think these balls are the ones most worthy of purchase because they are really good, high quality and you will have a great user experience. Read the article about Soccer Balls Under 100$ to explore more models in this price range.

  • Above 100$

Here is the last group and here are just the best soccer balls. You may also find amazing balls at a group under 100$, but here are ones which are really top of the top. With them, you will have a fantastic user experience. These balls are mostly used for matches and players who train almost daily.

What are other things that you should take into account?

I think there are also other things we have to take into account when we are looking to buy a soccer ball for a certain price. We should first think about what will we use these balls for, how many times will we use them and who will use them. Now I will list some of the things you might ask yourself. Do we need them for kids or adults, for training or for beginners to have fun, do we need small or bigger sizes of balls? Where will we play indoor, outdoor on the pitch or on the street? When do we answer these questions, then we should know how much money should you spend on a ball. You can decide which price group that I mentioned above you’ll be searching for.

Best Soccer Balls in the World


Playing soccer but you don’t have a good quality ball? You are not alone. In case you are searching for the best soccer balls in the world, you are in the right place. There is a big difference between training and playing with a regular soccer or a match soccer ball, in terms of power, flexibility, and durability, compared to a professional or a premium one. The world-class soccer balls are a dream come true to every goalkeeper, defender, striker, or just a huge soccer fan. These are the official match balls used in the UEFA, Champions League, Copa America and every single Major Soccer League worldwide.

What is a premium soccer ball? Premium soccer or football balls are the balls that have been approved by FIFA, an international governing body founded on May 21, 1904, in France, responsible for football (Americans call it soccer), futsal, and beach soccer. In short, that’s the highest rank a soccer ball can have – a premium ball. Where do I fall in this story? I’ve been playing professional soccer for over a decade and I can tell the difference between a top-notch quality ball and an average one.

Cheap Soccer Balls

playing on sand

We have balls at different prices, and yes there are also cheap soccer balls, but you may wonder – what about the quality? Here’s my take on that, I will YES, you can find cheaper soccer balls of good quality, but the options are limited. It can happen that you find a cheap soccer ball that is quality and it will last for a longer time. If you find it you are really lucky. A great way to find the best soccer balls which are cheap is by checking the sales of many stores. Another good way is also when stores move out or they have clearance, at that time there are big sales and you can go and pick from the best soccer balls.

Cool Custom Soccer Balls

kid doing tricks

Hey, maybe you are looking for custom soccer balls, with your own design, because you don’t like to have soccer balls like others, you don’t like others designs or you simply need a custom soccer ball for somebody as a gift. You can also check for some cool soccer balls or awesome soccer balls which I have made posts about. You can also find and buy those balls. Here is a website where you can make your own ball, which is called RE Sports.

Free Soccer Balls

sun and goal

Are you wondering if you can get a free soccer ball? The answer is yes, you can get it. One way you can get it by participating in the prize contest. Yes, you have to be really lucky to get it, but hey why not try. There is another way how you can get the best soccer ball. This is by visiting your local club. If the adults play at a higher level, they for sure change a lot of soccer equipment, including their best soccer balls. You can really get the best soccer balls for free. Ask the person who takes care of equipment and if you are lucky you can get an amazing best soccer ball for free.

Care And Maintenance

field at night

When you have your new best soccer ball, even if it is amazing & high quality, you should take care of it. Here I listed tips to extend soccer ball durability. One of them is for sure owning a ball pump and maintaining the right air pressure. If you don’t know how to inflate a soccer ball check this article. Another thing which is extremely important is that you keep your balls clean. So don’t be lazy and clean it after every usage. You can also read the article about how a soccer ball is made if you are curious.


You’ve come to the end of this article. I hope you like this post about the best soccer balls and that it will help you to pick your best model. If you liked it, please share it on your social profiles with friends and family.