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Adidas Beau Jeu Review

This goes for all of the football lovers. Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a look what actually match ball is? A match ball is a ball which is used in football matches. These balls come in different colours and designs and in different compositions from different companies. Here we will talk about Adidas Beau Jeu UEFA euro match ball. Adidas Beau Jeu is an official match ball of UEFA Euro 2016 Tournament. Basically, it was for the group stage of the tournament, then it was substituted by Adidas Fracas for the Knockout stage, which is marking the very first time in the history of the tournament.

Beau Jeu Top Glider

Brand: Adidas
Name: Adidas Beau Jeu
Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

Revealed by Adidas and presented by Former French National Player Zinedine Zidane in November. The ball features its elements of the Adidas Brazuca, but with a different and new design.

Adidas Beau Jeu UEFA Euro Match Ball Features

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A necessary part of any player’s game is having the right equipment with you. And if we talk about the most exciting game of football, nothing is greater than football to a fan. Just have a look! The ball itself. The word Beau Jeu is a French term which means “Nice Game”. This summer the euro cup will fascinate millions of the viewers around the whole world. As you all know that the ball is set to get rolling in none other than France, so first let’s have a look at beau Jeu and how it is different from its precursors:

Thermally Bonded

Adidas Beau Jeu is made in such a way and made from the texture which makes it impossible to destroy and ruin. In short, is durable and players can’t plat from this ball only once in a match but can play them in future matches too.

High-quality Graphics and Colors

Footballs come in different colors and schemes which make them attractive. And the best part of the Adidas Beau Jeu is that it has beautiful color schemes and decorations on it which make it more attractive to the players.

Its color scheme is of white, blue, black and distinguishing red-orange for its unique design. And the best thing about this ball is that it comes with the logo of UEFA Euro 2016.

A unique Texture

  • Beau Jeu has a rough texture which makes which allows the better grip to the players and also prevents the movement call Knuckling.
  • In addition, it also has Fiber Glass print which reduces the chances of abrasion on printed layers of the ball.
  • It is also equipped for rainy conditions having outer shell being more water-resistant as compared to its precursors.

The UEFA European championship is after the World cup which is the most respected international soccer tournament. In this tournament, the senior teams of every European country will be together and will determine the champion of the old continent. It is hosted after every four years and in the last edition, more than 300 million people watched it according to the UEFA statistics.

And this year the tournament is conducted by France and many of the great players will be together in one country such as none other than Cristiano Ronaldo by Portugal, Toni Karoos from Germany, Wayne Rooney from England and many more Europe’s best soccer players.

Pros & Cons

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New Adidas football for the Euro 2016 is great for choice for any of the footballer.

  • Its surface is covered with a texture which makes easy and comfortable for the players to play with it, to kick it and it is the best control for all the Talented players.
  • It is made in such a way and made from a texture which makes it easy to handle.
  • Its cover, backing, and the bladder are all produced from the highest-end materials.
  • All these factors make this soccer ball one of the top and amazing soccer ball for all the players in the market.
  • Its surface is also covered which makes this ball resistance from the rain and water.
  • It also boasts of FIFA’S highest ratings passing the official tests for weight, size, shape retention over time and water uptake.


In terms of its quality, there is nothing to be complained about. But when we talk about its price, it’s quite expensive than other soccer balls and its price makes the customers think once about it before buying it.



Everyone in this era is well aware of a brand who satisfy its customers from all the aspects and its products are not only loved my sportsman and other boys and men but also by females and yes it is not any other than Adidas. All the products of the Adidas are worth buying, it makes wonderful and long-lasting products and customers enjoy and gets happy by using their products.

As it best for sports accessories whether they are studs, or anything else. Adidas has also made a soccer ball for Euro 2016 and it is best from every aspect, its quality, its eye-catching colors, its graphics and much more. And players will for sure feel comfortable playing with it in the ground and will give the best result. So don’t wait just go and grab the best one for yourself. If you want to se more top balls like this one check here.