Wilson Black Ops Review

Since Wilson is the official soccer ball brand of the NCAA, I made a detailed Wilson Black Ops soccer ball review.  But first, let me discuss to you where it originated. The Wilson brand was founded in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson. The company is in the sports business for already an extended period due to its continuous dedication to providing high-quality sports materials including soccer balls. In 2016, it launched the Wilson Black Ops soccer ball, and as expected,  it immediately caught the attention of soccer fanatics like me.

Wilson Black Ops Review

This soccer ball review will surely serve as the one-stop guide for the curious, undecided, and determined individuals who are wondering about how great this sport’s item is. So without further ado, let’s go straight to its positive features.


Compared to other soccer ball brands’ materials, Wilson Black Ops promises better controllability and usability. Before getting the product, I researched about the most common hindrances to achieving the full altitude of the ball. I then found out that it is not only the air pressure but also the ball’s non-slip feature that allows its better elevation.


The playability of the soccer ball relies on its weight. This ball is weighing 420 grams, which is good since the suggested weight of a soccer ball is around 410 to 450 grams. However, when on shipment, you would incur additional cost due to the overall package heaviness that is 1–1.3 lbs.

Specification and Material Attributes

This is the part of Wilson Black Ops soccer ball review where the technical features are evaluated. I’m sure that many are looking for the accurate list of materials used to manufacture the soccer item, and so here they are.

  • It is made up of butyl rubber for a nicely provided ball flexibility, and air pressure guard.
  • It has a 30-panel machine-sewn ball surface construction.
  • It has a durable build for excellent shape security.
  • All the Black Ops soccer balls are designed in camouflage with color variations.
  • It uses synthetic leather as skin cover for non-slip grip and better ball surface controllability.

Wilson Black Ops Reviews

I  watched some Wilson Black Ops soccer ball review videos from last year, and to my surprise, most reviews came from parents who even gave the soccer ball brand 5-star ratings. There are those who shared their children’s amazement with the leading sports equipment brand. They even thanked the stores for offering such a high-quality soccer ball brand. Some posted their review on the stores’ pages expressing how excellent the product is!

Some videos were recorded by children ages 8–12 while they tried to unbox their new soccer ball. A mother also mentioned in her product feedback that her kids are fond of playing soccer and the ball is lightweight and has synthetic leather as a skin cover. Hence, it gives nice grip and control. I hope she’s cleaning the product after a use or two because neglected hardened dirt might be a cause of the ball’s minor skin rips that might lead to major damage.

Things to Improve

But, of course, not all are fanatics of this Wilson soccer balls. Others gave low ratings because of circumstances that are out of the merchants’ control like delayed shipments.

For whatever reasons they had, I am sure that their low ratings were not due to the product itself. I hope I am helping you clear out your confusions.I understand that we don’t have the same preferences, understanding, and standards for everything. However, this is my way to spread some knowledge not only about how great the product is but also how you can take care of it to prolong its usability.

I have to be a little technical and resourceful in this part of my Wilson Black Ops soccer ball review since most customers complain about the product’s air pressure security. The soccer ball’s low ratings do not necessarily imply that the ball is a substandard one.  Customers have to be careful and sensitive in following the guides on the manuals. Instructions are usually seen on its carton holder.

When it comes to inflating and deflating the soccer ball, you can use a needle to open the air passage since the ball is new and unused. But before inserting it, dip or cover the needle with oil or any available lubricant you have. It makes the needle controllable to avoid the air valve damage. The Butyl rubber material used in assembling the product secures air pressure. We just have to be extra careful not to damage while inflating or deflating it.

Just remember this: don’t put body pressure like stepping to it for a long time to maintain its perfect shape. Although it has excellent shape security feature, let’s just practice the proper care for our sports equipment.


This Wilson Black Ops soccer ball review isn’t just made to highlight the ball’s excellent features, but also to showcase fair and honest feedbacks that my fellow customers are possibly confused about. Feel free to browse and look for other feedbacks, and you’ll see numerous positive ones.

This soccer ball is highly recommended even for the newbies because of its lightweight and easy grip features. However, the biggest catch is its durability. Surely, you will get more than what you paid for.

With the use of Wilson Black Ops soccer balls, players are closer to more goals! Undoubtedly, the field, court, and beach are yours with Wilson soccer balls! You may avail of these soccer balls with accents green and orange at sizes 5, 4, and 3! Get yours now!

I hope this review helped you at all levels and will make you enjoy soccer more.