Which are good Puma soccer balls for great experience?

Soccer is a game where we need soccer balls to play it. There are many models of different brands, but today I will focus on the brand Puma, so I will be discussing about Puma soccer balls. Puma is a well-known brand in soccer, but also at other sports. They aren’t producing just balls, but also other accessories and clothing such as jerseys, t shirts, shoes and so on. Today I will focus just on their soccer balls. I this article you will find which are some of the best Puma soccer balls. I have also made a review of each ball, so it will be easier for you to look and find your favorite model. You will also find which their ball I recommend most and what I think about this brand, so let’s begin!

puma soccer balls

Look at Puma soccer ball reviews

I will start with reviews of their balls. Here I have listed some of the most popular and highest quality Puma soccer balls. This balls are good because they have good customer ratings and some of them are made of top quality materials which will help that you will use your ball for a longer time. Take a look at some models more in detail.

Italy evoPOWER 1

puma evopower 1 statement ball
This is one of the best if not the best model from Puma balls. It has an amazing rating by customers and is made from top materials. It’s a professional match ball which it’s also approved by FIFA. It has a unique abrasion resistant PU surfaces and also a dimpled surface to improve its aerodynamics. It also has 20 molded panel construction to improve the sphericity and to reduce water absorption so it’s easier to play on wet ground. Its panels are also larger to make a softer feel and a better touch. Surely one high quality soccer ball which is worth the money.


puma king ballThis is also one of the popular Puma balls. It’s a ball which you can use it in all conditions. It has 32 panels with same surface areas for a perfect round shape and to reduce the seam stress. Hexagon PU panels with TPU film for better softer touch and abrasion resistance. Also features six wing latex bladder which helps to improve touch and an air lock valve to retain air.

EvoSpeed 5.4

puma evospeed 5.4 ball

Another Puma ball that is most wished and searched. You can get this ball at sizes 4 or 5. This is a good training ball for clubs or for individuals. Made from latex bladder with air lock valve for air retention.


esito puma ballThis is Puma soccer ball size 5 which is made of good materials, durable for having it for a long time.


powercat ballPuma Powercat soccer ball is made from 32 panels which have equal surface to have a perfect round shape and to reduce seam-stress. It has a woven backing which is multilayered for better stability and aerodynamics. Features also the puma air lock and valve to retain air.

What I think about the brand and their models?

I think that Puma is a very popular brand around the world which is producing quality models and is also trying to be better every day. Of course there are also other competitive brands, which are making its job harder. Here I have mentioned just some of their better balls, but there are many others they are producing. You can find them in different colors (red, pink, yellow…) and for different occasions (training, match). My personal opinion about their balls is that they have just a few really good models, others are just ones which are made of plastic, which I don’t recommend. If you don’t know which good balls are, I suggest you take a look at best soccer balls page where I discuss how to choose them and what you have to look.

My favorite model!

I have also chosen my favorite model from Puma soccer balls. I personally like and I’m in love in one of the models which I mentioned above. I like the Puma Italy evoPOWER model. This model is one of their best models, for me the best model. It has some great features which will make a better experience while you will play soccer and you will also handle the ball better with such ball. Definitely a high quality product and worth to buy, if you are looking for a best soccer ball.

Wondering what should you do next?

You have come to the end of the post where I talk about Puma soccer balls. I hope you are now more familiar with their models and you have found your best Puma soccer ball. Next thing that you should do is take action. You have read and found more about their balls, so now is the time you order a pair or two and start playing with them.