Top Rated Soccer Balls by Customers!

Finding the right soccer ball is hard, I know about this, because I have been playing soccer regularly since 2006 and I have tested and played with many different balls. As a consequence of this problem I want to help you, so I have written this article about top rated soccer balls. You will find how I selected them, what I looked for, which are the top 5 and which is my best. Take a look below and find out more!

top rated soccer balls

What have I looked for?

If we want to really know which the top rated soccer balls are, we should have to ask several different persons who have already tested it, but that is quite hard. Thank God we have internet and we can browse and search on different websites. I made a research and looked on top soccer online stores such as where people can leave a review and rate a product that they have bought. Another thing I have to mention here is that I looked just for top rated soccer balls, I didn’t include here my personal preference (this could be different ball design, different colors and also prices). I just looked for the top ones. Finally I merged the information from different websites and the result is the list of top 5 below!

Top rated soccer balls by people who have bought it!

Wilson Traditional
(check the price)
Under Armour 395 Blur
(check the price)
Brine Phantom
(check the price)
Mikasa FT5 Goal Master
(check the price)
Select Numero 10
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Which is my best?

From the list above I would personally choose Mikasa FT5 Goal master ball. I have already played with it and I really like it. Good quality and enable good ball control, I recommend it.

To sum up, I think these balls below are really top and I would get one if needed. They are tested and recommended, so there is no fear. Has this article helped you and you like it? Please share it on your social profiles.