Size 1 soccer ball – Find the best one for you!

To play soccer we need a ball. It is crucial to have it, because it is the main equipment if we want to play soccer. Firstly we have two different types of balls. We have indoor soccer balls and outdoor soccer balls. Than we further divide it in to different sizes. There are different sizes of balls, but we should always look for best soccer balls. We have soccer balls from size 1 to size 5. We need them for different things and for different ages of soccer players. Today I will talk about size1 soccer ball.

size 1 soccer ball


I will tell you which are most popular size 1 soccer balls. You will also find why they are good. Take a look and find your best size 1 soccer ball below!

Best size 1 soccer ball

Here I have listed some of the most popular size 1 soccer balls. These balls have some awesome customer testimonials and because of that also great ratings. Some of them are also best sellers which is another factor that tell that they are really popular.

Adidas Performance Brazuca Glider Mini
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Adidas Performance Conext15 Glider
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Adidas Performance Messi
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Adidas 14 MLS Mini
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Wilson NCAA Mini Forte
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Which I like most?

From the table above I most like the Adidas size 1 soccer ball. The Adidas Brazuca Glider mini ball. I like it because of its design, I like that is made from different colors, so it falls immediately in my eyes. Beside this, this ball have a really good customer testimonials, so it’s probably a high quality soccer ball.

Why are they good?

Every soccer ball is made for a reason. We need different sizes of balls mostly because for the youth, but you can use mini soccer balls also for other reasons and they can be used also by adults. Size 1 soccer ball is good because is small and with it you can improve a lot your technique. If you train a lot with these mini balls you will improve your ball control and dribbling a lot, because than it will be easier for you to control the bigger sizes.

You may we wondering what are size 1 soccer ball drills that you can use? Well I suggest you do all drills the same as we bigger ball(for example with ball size 5). I bet it will be harder for you, but after time you will get better and better.

What you should do now?

Above I have gave you some of the best and most popular examples of size 1 soccer ball. The balls above are sure some of the best mini soccer balls because they have great customer testimonials and ratings. Now it’s on you to take a look again and order a pair or two of them. You can also look at some cool soccer balls or other little soccer balls which I wrote about.