Quick history about soccer balls!

Soccer has a great history and so has soccer balls. The first vulcanized ball was made in 1855 by Charles Goodyear and this is the oldest soccer ball. After 1888 they started making ball with leather and the main reason was that it would retain in shape.

oldest soccer ball

Oldest soccer ball.

Until 1940 soccer balls and other equipment were made from heavy leather. It was harder to play than nowadays. It was especially harder to play when it was raining, the balls and equipment become much heavier and they also lost their primary shape.

After year 1940 things have changed, technology has developed and they were making soccer balls more user-friendly. They started using synthetic paint and other materials for coating the leather on soccer balls.

1950 soccer ball

Year 1950

Than in late 1980’s finally synthetic leather replaced the leather ball.

The companies which have over ball design now are using new high tech materials and are continuing to develop even more user friendly and durable balls. We can definitely expect changes and new improvements in the near future.

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