One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind To Get The Best Soccer Balls Under 30 Dollars

You can play soccer with no shirt or soccer shorts, and you can even play it without shoes. However, without a ball there is no game, which makes the ball the only essential equipment for a game of soccer, and it’s a must. Being a football player, you know the importance of the soccer ball, but do you all what is necessary to select and buy the best soccer balls under 30 dollars. For instance, why the cost of one ball can be the same as 3 balls price combined? What makes a certain ball better than the other?

best soccer balls under 30$

When buying a new best soccer balls under 30 dollars, a lot of people buy according to the price, thinking that if the price is high the ball is of good quality, and if the price is low the ball quality is low. However, this is not the case, a lot of coaches, players and clubs do not know what kind of ball is required to serve their particular needs.

Soccer balls cost varies from less than $20 to more than $150, and knowing about pricing and the checklist to consider before buying will get you the best soccer balls under 30 dollars that you want. This list contains all what you need to put into consideration and the several factors to keep in mind when buying the ball and picking the price. And they are:

1 choosing the correct size:

Usually, kids need the size of 3, pre-teens need 4, while teens and adults need the size of 5. Although It is not a fixed rule, and size may vary in different leagues. That being said, it is important to train with the same size ball as the one you will be using during an official game, in order to get used to the ball’s movement on your foot and its shape. Furthermore, the weight of the ball is to be considered, the lighter the better, if you kick a heavy ball, you might harm your leg or lose the momentum to score.

2 choosing the right type of balls for you:

Depending on the purpose and your need, the type of your ball is decided, since there are various types of balls for each need, and they are:

  • Premium match balls

These soccer balls are the highest ranking one, and they are approved of by FIFA, which means they meet the international governing body of soccer standards. This ball is used mostly in international champions like UEFA Champions League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and more.

  • Match balls

nike premier team NFHS

The best soccer balls under 30 dollars for match have quite similar materials to the premium match balls but constructed differently. They are used by some high schools and university teams, and they are approved of by NFHS or NCAA.

  • Training balls

They are made to be very resisting and suit all kinds of fields. They are awesome for training and for any skill level.

  • Turf balls

select sport america club turf ball

They are made to be very resistant for turf generation and articles

Other soccer balls:

  • There are still other best soccer balls under 30 dollars, such as Futsal balls which are smaller yet they weight the same as the sized 5. They bounce low which make them perfect for futsal plays.
  • The beach and street soccer balls, which are made to be soft in case they’re played with bare feet.
  • Medicine balls aren’t for match play, they’re heavy and make a good strength training and goal keeper

3. choosing the right price for the ball:

The differences between soccer balls are in cover, bladder, lininga and overall constructios which makes up the value of the ball. On the other hand, consider if you’re buying the ball to a child to get cheaper one but if it’s matches against competitive teams, higher quality and more expensive one is needed. Therefore, to get the best soccer balls under 30 dollars, you must balance your needs between such factors and check the available balls for sale.

4. Choose a brand that you like and suits your needs:

Different brands make different balls, so you might wanna try those brands to see which one fits you best and fits your $30 budget to buy the soccer ball. The most known brands are Nike, Adidas and Puma. They  offer soccer balls of all prices, and most of their products are of high quality enough, at least for an amateur.

soccer ball brands

5. choosing a ball that has the needed right materials:

A good deal to get a durable yet cheap balls is getting rubber ones. Although they are not like the balls used in big leagues. Training through using the rubber balls is useless since the feeling you get from the ball, and the movement are tottaly different from other ball types. As for leather it costs more and can absorb water and becomes heavy, which is why most leagues use an average priced polyurethane ball, which is like rubber but has water resistance and it is more durable.

6. Finding a good place to buy soccer ball from:

There are plenty of websites on the internet that sells soccer balls with variety of prices. All you have to do is to check them out and check the reviews online to get the most suitable for you. Otherwise, you can go to the retail stores that has best soccer balls under 30 dollars, but that does not mean you can’t use online stores a as a guide before buying the soccer ball you want.

Final note:

Going through this checklist before purchasing the ball will not only ensures you’ll get the best soccer balls under 30 dollars, but the ball will also be suitable for your needs physically and financially. Nonetheless, you should take care of your ball by cleaning it and remove dirt from it after each use, considering the playing surface since it can damage the ball, and use proper air pressure because excessive or weak air pressure will have negative effect on your play and the ball.