Find Soccer Ball Sizes you should choose!

We have different soccer balls and because of that, we may be sometimes confused about which soccer ball sizes are good and suitable when playing in different places or there are playing soccer players or children which have different age. This is the main reason why I decided to write this article. To help you, so you will know better which size of soccer ball you are searching for. Take a look below and find out what are different sizes used for.


soccer ball sizes

What are 5 main soccer ball sizes?

There are 5 main different sizes of soccer balls. This 5 main sizes are the following:

Each of this size is made and designed for certain players. We have players of different ages who practice and play soccer on different terrains and because of that there are also specific ball sizes designed for them.


Kids which are under 8 and are part of u-6, u-7 and u-8 groups should use size 3 soccer ball. Than here is the youth which are between 8 and 12 and part of u-9, u-10 and u-11 teams. They should use size 4 soccer ball. Lastly here are the older ones which are plus 13 and part of groups of u-12, u-13 and up. They should use balls size 5.

Here I have to add, that is not necessary that they must use this size of ball, they can also use bigger or lower sizes. Adults in some clubs use smaller sized balls to improve their ball control and technique (size 1, 2, 3).

Maybe you don’t know which is the official size at outdoor soccer. It’s the ball of size 5.

Indoor or futsal

Now I mentioned just ball sizes for outdoor soccer, but we have also indoor soccer, also called futsal.

At futsal, the official ball size is ball size 4. You see, futsal ball is smaller than one which we use for outdoor soccer. This indoor ball is also made from different material and it is also more times harder and it doesn’t bounce as much as the one for outdoor soccer.

However, also at futsal there are players of different age who play soccer, right? Because of that, we can also here divide players who can use two kind of futsal balls. The younger ones which are 10 years old or under should use size 3 futsal ball others which are 11 years old or more should use the official size 4 futsal ball.


We can also play soccer at the beach, so we have also beach soccer ball. We often play with this kind of ball on the sand and because of this it is slightly lighter, so it can move around easier. Also for the beach soccer ball, we use size 5 balls.


I hope you now better know which ball size you should look for. I recommend you choose the right size and type of your ball, because like this you will increase the ball durability and you will also have it for a longer time. If you are having problem with choosing balls, look here to find out more.