Best Nike Soccer Balls Size 5 – Find your favorite one!

Without a soccer ball we cannot play soccer, so we should get one, so we can play. Nowadays there are many different sizes and brands who are making soccer balls. Not all brands produce quality balls, but Nike is for sure a brand in which we can trust. This is why I will today discuss and talk about Nike soccer balls size 5. I will tell you which are the best Nike soccer balls size 5 and why. I will also mention what is a good way to choose soccer balls. At the end you will also find which is my best ball from the balls which I listed.

best nike soccer balls size 5

5 best Nike soccer balls size 5 right here!

Take a look at the 5 best Nike soccer ball of size 5 which I have chosen. These are for sure balls of the top quality.

Nike Ordem 3
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Nike Total 90 Tracer
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Nike Catalyst Soccer Ball
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Nike Reflective
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NIKE Lightweight
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Why are these balls good?

Have you looked at the list of balls mentioned above and you are wondering why are they good? First of all, I have chosen this balls by taking into account two things. First is my personal experience from soccer fields, while the second thing are reviews, comments and ratings from other people who already own this balls. I’m playing soccer since 2005 and I have went through many soccer ball, so I think I know which are better than others. I think this post wouldn’t be professional, if I would give just my thoughts, so I included other reviews and comments.

How to choose good balls?

It’s not easy to find and pick a good soccer ball without a lot of experience and because of that I will tell you two things which you can use to find quite good Nike soccer balls size 5 or any other balls. What you should do is look for reviews, comments and ratings from people who already own and tested this ball. They may not be many reviews, but each comment you find, the better you will know the product. Second thing you should have in mind is that more costly balls are most times higher quality than cheap ones. I think this two tips are golden when you are ordering balls on your own.

Nike brand

Nike is a big brand which is know all around the world, so I think it is good if I talk a little bit more about it. This is a brand which is producing a lot of quality products for I think all sports. It was founded, by two guys in 1964 and was named as Blue Ribbon Sports. Blue Ribbon Sports official became Nike in 1971. Nike is also the Greek god of victory and this is why they picked this name.

My favorite Nike ball

From the list above of best Nike soccer balls size 5, I have to say that my favorite ball is the Nike Ordem 3 ball. I have personally played with this ball, so I can say 100% that is a good ball from my experience. It’s very nice to shoot, pass and receive this ball. Upon that, I think it also has a great design.

What should I do now?

Now you have read and took a look at 5 best Nike soccer balls size 5, so there are more or less two options you should do. First one is that you now order one of the balls above or search for another ball and the second option is to take a look at other Nike soccer balls or best soccer balls where you can also find complete info on how you can choose a soccer ball.