Best Indoor soccer balls size 4

To play indoor soccer we need a specific ball, but there are so many in the market that is really hard to choose the right one. I decided to write this article to help you choose one of the best indoor soccer balls size 4 which you will find below. You will also get additional information how I selected which are the first class balls and which I like the most.

indoor soccer balls size 4

How did I decide which the top 5 are?

I have chosen the top 5 balls in that way that I made a research.

How I made this research? I searched through the top online stores to see the ratings and recommendations of people who already own these balls than I went through top forums where people are discussing about soccer equipment and finally I asked my friend who is playing futsal regularly for its opinion and recommendation.

The result is the list of the best indoor soccer size 4 balls below!

5 Best indoor soccer balls size 4 list is here!

Select 10-644 Indoor Speed

Select 10-644 indoor speed soccer ball

Uber Futsal

Uber Futsal soccer ball

Mikasa America Futsal

Mikasa America Futsal indoor soccer ball

Select Numero 10

Select Numero 10 indoor soccer ball

Champion Sports Striker

Champion Sports Striker indoor ball

My best is?

Mikasa America Futsal, this is the ball I think is the best from the list of best indoor soccer balls size 4 above, because it is one of the most sold, has good recommendations and it has a cushion cover.

Guide with 7 tips how to choose them

  1. If you are looking to choose soccer balls for indoor soccer is it important that you first ask yourself for what you will be using it? Will you use it for matches? Will you use it for training or do you need them for your child as a toy?
  2. You should also consider on choosing the right size of your balls. It’s important to choose the right size of the ball for best performance and experience.
  3. Now we come to money. How much are you willing to spend? What balls can you afford? If you want a quality ball then in most time you will have to spend more, as usual, the high-quality ones are more expensive. These higher priced models are usually more durable and will last longer.
  4. What you can also do is test them. If you have an opportunity to test them, why not? This is the best way to know is best for you and for your needs.
  5. Research about them! There is a lot of information on the internet about each model. What you can do is make a list of your best balls and then research further for each model.
  6. Check reviews! When you are doing your research, be sure to also keep an eye on other reviews. You can find much great information from people who have already bought the specific ball. You can find a lot of information about things that aren’t mentioned in product description.
  7. Ask your friends, coaches or other people who play indoor soccer. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or even your coach about what they think about a specific model and what are they suggesting. I’m sure they will help you out and give you some great tips!


Size of your indoor ball is very important if we want to play soccer smoothly with great experience. As an example, we can use adults playing with a small size 2 ball. They will probably have problems with controlling the ball and this might lead to more contacts and consequently injuries. The opposite of this would be children playing with size 2 ball.

It would be easier for them and they will also improve ball control. Official ball size is 4. Besides 2 and 4 we have also a size 3 ball which is also more suitable for the younger population.

Difference between indoor and outdoor ball?

A lot of people are confused and don’t know exactly what is the difference between an indoor soccer ball and an outdoor one. Now I will tell you which are the main differences. One of the main differences is the ball size. We use a ball size 4 for indoor soccer and ball with size 5 for outdoor soccer.

Next difference is the bouncing of balls. Indoor ones are heavier and bounce less, while outdoor ones are lighter and bounce more. Finally, there is also a difference in the touch of the balls. Indoor balls are harder and you have a better control and touch over the ball, while it’s a bit harder to control the outdoor ball.

Where to buy them?

Don’t know where to buy them? You can buy them at your local stores or online. If you are looking to buy them locally I think the best is to find a good sport or soccer shop.

If you want to buy them online which is also easier and where are most of the times more models to choose from you can choose on stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other stores.

Comment and a favor!

First of all, I hope this article will help you to choose from the best indoor soccer balls size 4 one that is best for you. Above are mentioned high-quality balls and you will not miss if you get someone for yourself or somebody who plays futsal. These balls are tested, reviewed and recommended. Visit also indoor soccer balls for more. There is one small thing that I want from you to do. Could you please share this article on social profiles, I would be very glad and in that way, I will know I have done a good job.