Adidas soccer balls – Find good ones!

Soccer balls are essential if we want to play soccer. We have available different soccer balls on the market which are made by different brands. I think every person has a brand which they like more. Today I will talk about Adidas soccer balls. Adidas soccer balls are known all around the world and are used by a lot of teams and individual soccer players. In this post you will find which are some of the best soccer balls, I will also show you which are some of the top rated soccer balls. I have also written what I think about Adidas balls and which is my favorite one currently.

adidas soccer balls

Best Adidas soccer balls

Here I have listed some of the best Adidas balls. These balls are the most advanced ones and are used by top players in top soccer clubs. With these balls, you will have a great experience on the pitch.


Micoach Adidas smart ball is the most advanced Adidas soccer ball. This ball will record the speed, spin and foot strike of your kick. With this ball you can improve your skills, so you will score a lot more goals. The data is sent directly back to an app. It is integrated with iOS7 and Android 4.3 or higher.



Adidas Brazuca Official ball is another amazing Adidas soccer ball. It is made from high quality materials. This ball is made to pass the highest FIFA ratings in which we count weight, shape & size retention and water uptake.



Another high quality Adidas soccer ball is the Conext15 Official ball model. It is a ball made from highest materials, so it withstands tough impacts from the field. It has highest FIFA ratings, so it has also passed the test as Adidas Brazuca Official ball.


Top rated Adidas balls

You have found some best soccer balls above, but now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular and top-rated soccer balls. These balls are bought and were bought by a lot of people and they are mostly saying just good things about them and are giving them good ratings.

Performance F50 X-ite II
Performance EPP Glider
Brazuca Top Replique

About the Adidas Brand

Now let’s get to Adidas brand and about them more precisely. Adidas is a brand which is known all around the world and I think everybody knows it. This big brand was founded on 18 August 1949 by a man called Adolf Dassler in Herzogenaurach, which is in Germany. Adidas produces all sports products (shoes, shirts, jerseys, shorts, socks) and other accessories. It a brand who produces products also different sports, not just soccer. Adidas is nowadays one of the leading brands of sport’s products. His biggest rival is Nike. If we stick to soccer, besides Adidas soccer balls there are also very popular Adidas soccer cleats.

What do I think about their balls and which is my favorite?

I think that Adidas is really a big brand in which we can trust. They produce quality, advanced and well-designed models for people, so they can play and enjoy their sport. With every new model, they are training to get it better than the previous with new features. My favorite soccer ball is the Brazuca official match ball. I have tested the ball and I can say that is really great to play with it. It has a nice touch when you receive the ball and you can control well your ball.

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What comes next?

Now you have come to the end about Adidas soccer balls. I hope you have found a ball that you like, so now is the time you take action. Take a look again and choose a pair or two of best Adidas soccer balls. If you order a ball, be careful to pick a high-quality soccer ball, because only with best soccer balls you can have the best experience.