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You are probably here because you want to know who is behind this website and who handles it, but firstly I hope you feel great on premiumballs.net and you will find the best soccer ball. Now back to my presentation. There is no robot behind all this content, there is just me. Who am I? I’m Tomaz from Slovenia, which is a little European country. To be more specific it borders to Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

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This is me!

I created this website because I want to provide quality content and information to my readers, so they chose the best soccer balls. I gather information for content from many different magazines, newspapers, surfing online and of course the important thing my personal recommendation and experience.

Yes, I’m playing soccer for more than 10 years now on the top level, training every day and trying to get better. Because of this, I think I have gone through much several soccer equipment including soccer balls, so I know which ones are good and which are not. To continue I wanted to say that I started kicking soccer balls when I was 6, this was a fault of my father who presented this beautiful game to me and my older brother who has been already playing it. Since then my heart belonged to soccer.

Hey, now you know me! Don’t know where to start? Well, I will help you! First, you could look on the homepage for best soccer balls and how to choose them. You may be searching for cool soccer balls or are you looking for cheap soccer balls? You could also take a look at some awesome soccer balls or at best soccer balls for the money. If you are training you could also look at training soccer balls. If you have any question or you think I can add something on this site you can contact me at any time on Contact Me! page. I hope you are having a great time on premiumballs.net and you will recommend it to your friends.

Some pictures of me playing soccer