19 Soccer Accessories you Should Have!

Okay, we know that soccer ball is the main thing that we need to play soccer, but there are also other accessories. We need them to play soccer more easily and safe, so they are also a must at soccer equipment. In today’s post, I will talk about other equipment that we need at soccer and should be a part of every soccer player who want to experience best feeling when playing soccer. Okay, let’s start from bottom up.

19 soccer accessories you should have

Main soccer accessories

Alright you have a soccer ball, but what now? When you buy a new ball it most of the time comes deflated, so the next thing to do is to inflate your ball. The best way to do is by using a soccer ball pump. There are many ball pumps out there, so I know it isn’t so easy to pick the best one and because of this, we also made an article about best soccer ball pumps. Beside you ball pump, you may also need the inflating needle adaptor, because in some ball pumps needles comes beside the pump and in some they aren’t. If you need just the inflating needles check here for more.


Wondering what is next? Well you also need something to carry around your soccer ball, even more necessary if you have more balls. Maybe you are wondering why having more balls? If you want to practice individually is better you have more balls, so it’s easier to practice. Also if you are a coach or a part of a team, you need more soccer balls. Soccer ball bag can help you here and make your life easier, because you can put in it one or more soccer balls. Take a look at best soccer ball bags to find one which is best for you.

soccer ball bag


One very important thing beside soccer ball are the soccer cleats or soccer shoes. You simply cannot play without them if you play on the grass or indoor. There are 4 types of soccer shoes/cleats, but first we divide them in 2 main groups and these are indoor soccer cleats and outdoor soccer cleats. Than we divide outdoor cleats in 3 types. There are ones with plastic studs, ones with iron studs and ones with a mixture of plastic and iron studs.


We use cleats with plastic studs on artificial grass and on natural grass. Cleats with iron studs are used on wet natural grass when you cannot play with normal plastic studs. Ones that are left = cleats with plastic and iron studs are used when we play on natural grass, but it’s not so wet to play just in cleats with iron studs.

nike magista cleats



If we move on, next thing which we need are the soccer socks. Soccer socks are not like normal socks, they are longer than normal ones and they come a little above the knee.

Now comes one very important thing which can help us to prevent some serious injuries. These are soccer shin guards. We have to put soccer shin guards on our shins. Shin guards aren’t big, but they can prevent some really serious injuries, so I really recommend to all of the players to wear them while they play. However on official matches they are mandatory, thanks god!

nike soccer shin guards

There are more different types of shin guards for soccer, but mainly we split them in to bigger categories. There are shin guards which we put just on our shins and there are the other ones which protect also our ankles. With a desire to be more protected from injuries it’s probably better to have shin guards with ankle protector, but I personally use the other ones, because I feel lighter and I play & move around more easily. This are just my thoughts, so it depends on you which one you like more.

Let’s move on. Next thing which come up are the soccer shorts and the soccer jerseys. If you play with friends for fun on a public pitch you don’t need to have the same shorts and jersey, but it’s nice to see if you have. Playing in a team? There every team has its custom shorts, jerseys and also soccer socks. Maybe you are a fan of a different soccer player? Than you might get yourself his or her jersey to support that person or just because you admire that person.

Are you a goalkeeper? If yes, than you need another product with which you defend you goal. This are the soccer gloves. Without them you cannot play on a professional level and in official matches, but you can play as a goalkeeper for fun with friends.

adidas soccer goalkeeper gloves

Here comes another thing which we need, if we want to score. Yes, these are the goals. We cannot forget on goals. We have goals of different sizes and different types of goals. We probably all know normal goals which are used on matches, but there are also other goals, which are called rebounder goals. This goals are great for training, because they return you the ball back. They are good for player and also for the goalkeeper.

Training & improvement accessories

This were the main things that we need to play a match, but there are also other things we need if we want to practice and be better and soccer.

Here are some of other stuff that you might use:

  • Agility ladder
  • Jump rope for resistance and cardio training
  • Cones (smaller and bigger)
  • Training parachute for resistance training
  • Training vest to split players in teams on training or also when playing for fun with friends
  • Training rings
  • Training hurdles
  • Books & different videos to learn soccer

These were just some of the products you can use in your training. There are also others which I didn’t list or I don’t know. If you know any you are welcome to contact me and I will add them to this list. Most times you won’t use all this things in one training, so it depends on what type of training you want to do.

Let’s list all of them all again!

  1. Soccer ball
  2. Soccer ball pump
  3. Inflating needles
  4. Soccer ball bag
  5. Soccer cleats
  6. Soccer socks
  7. Soccer shin guards
  8. Soccer shorts
  9. Soccer jersey
  10. Soccer gloves
  11. Soccer goals
  12. Agility ladder
  13. Jump rope
  14. Cones
  15. Training parachute
  16. Training vest
  17. Training rings
  18. Training hurdles
  19. Books & different learning guide to learn soccer

Now this were some of the most used and known soccer accessories which we use daily in soccer, so I hoped you like this article and I’m happy if you find something new.